Course Listings

The History of Ideas minor allows students to take courses in a wide array of subjects. Courses accepted for your HOID curriculum are decided in consultation with the Program Director.  The courses listed here and on the Registrar's site will give an idea of some areas of study (but not all) that are likely to be approved. 

Click here to view the registrar's complete list of offerings.  



AMST 100B 1 Twentieth-Century American Culture 
AMST 149B 1 The Future as History 
AMST 150 A 1 The History of Childhood and Youth in America
AMST/ ENG 167B 1  Writing the Nation: James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Toni Morrison 


ANTH 5A 1  Human Origins 


BIOL 103B 1 Mechanisms of Cell Functions 
CHEM 142 A 1 Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy 


CLAS 133 1 The Art and Archeology of Ancient Greece 
CLAS 134B 1 The Art and Archeology of Ancient Rome 
CLAS 156B 1 Living and Dying in Roman and Byzantine Egypt 
CLAS 172A 1  Ancient Athenian Drama in Translation 
CLAS 115B 1 Topics in Greek and Roman History 


ECON 122B 1  The Economics of the Middle East 


ECS 100B 1 European Cultural Studies Proseminar: Making of European Modernity, 1250-1650 


ENG 103B 1  Medieval Women in Print 
ENG 165B 1 Victorian Poetry and its Readers 
ENG/ MUS 55B 1 If Music and Sweet Poetry Agree


ENVS 19B 1 Evolution of the Earth 


FA 149A 1 The Age of Rubens, Rembrandt and Vermeer 


FREN 11A 2 The Republic 


GRK 120B 1 Greek Prose Authors 


HSSP 135A Special Topics in Public Health: U.S. History and Policy 
HSSP 192B Sociology of Disability 


HISP 104B Peoples, Ideas, and Language of the Hispanic World 
HISP 165B The Storyteller: Short Fiction in Latin America 


HIST 66A 1 History or South Asia (2500 BCE-1971)
HIST 110B The Civilization of the High and Late Middle Ages
HIST 113B Crazy Rich Europeans: Wealth and Inequality in Modern History 
HIST 124B 1 Universities and Colonialism 
HIST 135B 1 Get Up, Stand Up: A Century of Revolutions in the Middle East 
HIST 157B 1 Marginalized Voices and the Writing of History 
HIST 158B  Social History of the Confederate States of America 
HIST 160B  American Legal History II
HIST 179B 1 Labor, Gender, and Exchange in the Atlantic World, 1600-1850 
HIST 162A 1  Writing on the Wall: Histories of Graffiti in the Americas 


HUM 10A 1 The Western Canon 


JAPN 130A 1 The Literature of Multicultural Japan 


LGLS 143B 1 Law, Crime and Punishment in Dante's Inferno


MATH/ MUS 121 B Math and Music 


NEJS 192A 1 Islamic Ethics: Theory and Application 
NEJS 173A Trauma and Violence in Israeli Literature and Film 
NEJS 123B Gender, Species, and Ethnicity in Early Judaism 
NEJS 23A 1 The Bible and Contemporary Arts, Literature and Film 
NEJS 126B 1 Agadic Literature: The Ethics of the Fathers with Avot d'Rabbi Nathan 
NEJS 157 B 1 Arab-Jewish Modern Thought and Culture 
NEJS 166A 1 Carnal Israel: Exploring Jewish Sexuality from Talmudic Times to the Present  
NEJS 116A 1 Mesopotamian Mythology 


NYPSY 176B 1 Constructing Reality 


PHIL 111A 1 What is Justice? 
PHIL 114B 1 Topics in Ethical Theory 
PHIL 138B 1 Philosophy of Mathematics 
PHIL 150B 1 Topics in Epistemology and Metaphysics 
PHIL 162B 1 Aristotle 
PHIL 168A 1 Kant's Pure Critique of Pure Reason 


POL 161B 1 Good Neighbor or Imperial Power: The Contested Evolution of US-Latin American Relations
POL 187B 1 Conservative Political Thought 
POL 189A 1 Marx, Nietzsche, and Twentieth-Century Radicalism 


PSYC 31A Personality 
PSYC 36B 2 Adolescence and the Transition to Maturity


REL 151 A 1 The Buddha: His Life and Teachings 


RECS 134B 1 Writer, Dramatist, Physician: Chekhov and the Healing Arts 


SOC 1A 1  Order and Change in Society 
SOC 10B 1 Introduction to Sociological Theory 
SOC 115A 1 Masculinities 
SOC 129A 1 Sociology of Religion
SOC 150B 1 Culture of Consumption 
SOC 192A 1 Sociology of Mental Illness 


THA 11B 2 European Theater Texts and Theory II
THA 102B 1 Shakespeare: On Stage and Screen