Dara Freedman-Weiss

On the value of data for decision-making at nonprofits

Dara-Freedman '13Dara Freedman-Weiss, MA/MBA’13

Dara Freedman-Weiss, originally from Rochester and Philadelphia, earned her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Rochester and an MA/MBA from Hornstein and The Heller School in 2013. Upon receiving her degrees from Brandeis, Dara was hired by Combined Jewish Philanthropies. She started as a project specialist in measurement and reporting and is now a project manager in planning. She has worked for many Jewish nonprofit organizations including JCCs, Hillels, synagogues, religious schools and summer camps. Dara spent a year studying at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, where she immersed herself in Jewish text study.

This interview with Dara was published in the Hornstein Program's November 2016 issue of Impact. If you would like to quote any part of this conversation, please attribute content to the Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program at Brandeis University and link to this page. All rights reserved.

Research and/or Data Analyses Studies

2015 Greater Boston Jewish Community study (involved on the CJP side, not part of the research which was conducted by the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies).

“There is strength in knowledge and I find that those who take the time to learn the data behind their work always have the strongest voice and understand how to advocate for and make the best strategic decisions.”

Dara Freedman-Weiss, MA/MBA’13