Who We Are

At its core, the purpose of the Hornstein Program is to provide the Jewish community with the high quality professional leadership training today's organizations need.

DNA of the Hornstein Program

Hornstein is a community

We intentionally foster strong lines of connection and collaboration within and between cohorts and between students, faculty, staff and alumni to build a strong sense of community.

Hornstein education is connected to real world experiences

We develop students as leaders by involving them in the leadership of the program. We actively engage students in class projects connected to real-world Jewish organizations.

Hornstein welcomes the full spectrum of religious identities

We seek to create a diverse and pluralistic Jewish community for our students. We believe our students should learn how to create a community among those who have differing perspectives, backgrounds and identities.

Connection to Israel

We actively seek to foster connections between our students and other world Jewish communities, especially the Israeli community.

Hornstein at a Glance

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“The Hornstein Program transformed the field of Jewish communal service. Today, there is hardly a Jew anywhere in the United States who has not benefited from the work of Hornstein alumni in Jewish community centers, schools, synagogues, social service agencies, and related institutions.”

Jonathan D. Sarna

University Professor, Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History