The Office of Human Resources

What's Changing 2023 vs. 2024

Service 2023 2024 Change
Vendor Tufts HPHC New Vendor
Medical Plan n/a HMO HDHP/HSA New Plan
 Medical Plan EPO Value Deductible HMO Value Deductible Same Plan 
 Medical Plan EPO Premium HMO Premium Same Plan 
Medical Plan PPO PPO Same Plan 
Nationwide  Network CIGNA United Health Care New Provider Network
Virtual Health Care Teledoc Doctor On Demand New Provider Network
Basic Eye Care EyeMed HPHC provider network New Network
Pediatric Dental  Delta Dental HPHC provider network New Network
Pharmacy Admin OptumRx OptumRx Same Provider
Behavioral Health Tuft Network of Providers HPHC Network of Providers
HPHC Plan Names
Brandeis HPHC
HMO Premium HMO
HMO Value Deductible Best Buy HMO ($500)
HMO HDHP/HSA Best Buy HSA ($1600)