The vice president of human resources and his administrative team are responsible for the overall direction, organization, services, staffing and performance of the Office of Human Resources.

Who We Are

Robin Switzer
Vice President, Human Resources
781-736-4489 Bernstein-Marcus 115
  • Responsible for the human resources function at Brandeis University, including but not limited to policies, benefit programs, compensation programs, recruiting/hiring/onboarding, HR training, labor and employee relations, operation of the HRIS system and relevant data, performance culture and well-being of employees.

  • All directors in human resources and specific administrative staff report to the vice president.

Jaclyn Kubisak
Occupational Health Specialist
781-736-8769 Bernstein-Marcus 116
  • Responsible for COVID-19 protocols, including faculty and staff counseling on physical and mental health issues, and developing and providing guidance and policy recommendations regarding scaling up.

  • Serves as point of contact for all faculty and staff health returning to campus post-coronavirus, including appropriate testing; self-certification or other mechanisms to ensure the health and safety of employees and students; and contact tracing and reporting, while working closely with human resources, the health center and local and state departments of health.

  • Partners with staff from human resources and the health center in assisting with matters involving workers’ compensation, family medical leave, and accommodation of disabilities as well as supporting the audits of workplace hazards, equipment and management protocols.

Liana Perl
HR Coordinator
781-736-4474 Bernstein-Marcus
  • Provides administrative support to the Vice President and Human Resources department
  • Serves as a point-of-contact for onboarding tasks and I-9 requests
  • Responsible for employment verifications, service awards and spot awards
  • Manages all inquiries into the HR office and the triage of these requests to appropriate HR departments for resolution