The Office of Human Resources

Workers' Compensation Coverage

Brandeis employees are covered by the laws of the commonwealth of Massachusetts relating to workers' compensation insurance.

The coverage provides a weekly cash benefit and payment for medical expenses relating to an accidental injury while at work for the university. Brandeis has elected to self-insure for workers' compensation.

Supervisor Responsibility

If an employee is injured, his or her supervisor must complete an accident report and send to the senior benefits analyst in human resources right away. The Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents requires the employer to report the event of an injury within one week, involving five or more calendar days of total or partial incapacity from earning wages.

Injuries with no time lost, medical only, should also be reported to the senior benefits analyst in human resources right away so that medical bills may be sent directly to the self-insurance company, Future Comp, for payment.

Calculation Time and Payment

The first five days of time away from work due to the injury is paid through the employee’s sick time and is calculated as follows:

The employee is paid through Brandeis University for the day of the accident, i.e., Jan. 9. The next day, Jan. 10, is calculated as the first day out; the fifth day out would be Jan. 14. The Department of Industrial Accidents counts five days, regardless of whether or not there are days off in between. Their theory is that the injured employee may have another job on their days off and therefore loses the capacity of earning money at their part-time job.

Human resource completes the Department of Industrial Accidents' "employer’s notification of injuries" form using the Qualtrics Survey Form (pdf). All forms are sent to Brandeis' self-insurer company, Future Comp. If time lost is involved, a copy is sent to the Department of Industrial Accidents.

If the employee is out of work beyond five days, a doctor’s note must be provided stating the approximate time the employee is restricted from work. These notes must be provided on a monthly basis. Human resources will put the employee on unpaid leave of absence (effective the day after the fifth day), as the employee will be mailed weekly indemnity payments by Future Comp (self-insurer company) at 60% of their average 52-week, weekly wage. When an employee returns from workers' compensation, human resources will end the workers' compensation leave of absence. The date of return to work is determined by a doctor’s note stating when the employee can return to work with no restrictions (full clearance).