University-wide Staff Policy on Telecommuting and Alternate Work Schedules for Staff

Telecommuting practices and flexible schedules have existed at Brandeis in many of the schools and divisions for years, and this is our opportunity to bring a more comprehensive and consistent approach to Brandeis. This policy will still be administered by your school/division administrators, and central HR is available for guidance, consulting and issue resolution. The policy, when published, has request forms and agreement forms to be used between you and your manager, with your school/division approval.

Telecommuting arrangements and alternate schedule arrangements are key factors for recruitment and retention of staff in a competitive market, but with the understanding that these are business arrangements. Finding arrangements that are advantageous to staff and also maintain appropriate service levels to constituencies will be our driving philosophy. Any decision must be based on the nature of the work, and not all positions are suitable for telecommuting. We look forward to this new policy and making these practices a part of our Culture.

Effective: January 1, 2020

Bargaining unit members should inquire about the relevance of these programs to their unit.