Regulations for the Use of Materials

The Robert D. Farber University Archives and Special Collections Department is responsible for preserving and maintaining the condition of all materials entrusted to its care. Readers are asked to exercise the greatest care in handling fragile documents and books and not mark them in any way. The Department reserves the right to limit the use of records restricted by law, by reason of their origin or by donors. It also reserves the right to restrict the use of records that are unprocessed, of exceptional value or fragile.

The following regulations are intended to preserve these materials for the use of current and future researchers:

  1. Researchers must provide photographic identification (e.g., student I.D., valid driver's license or passport) upon request during each visit to the Archives and Special Collections Department.

  2. Materials may be used only in designated areas in the Department.

  3. Only material needed for research, e. g., pencils and paper, may be taken into the reading room.

  4. Personal belongings, such as briefcases, book bags and coats, must be stored in the designated area. All personal property is subject to inspection upon leaving the reading room.

  5. Food and drinks are not allowed in the reading room.

  6. Researchers may use pencils or laptop computers for note taking. Pens or scanners may not be used in the Reading Room.

  7. Care must be taken in handling rare and unique materials. Materials must be flat on the table. Nothing should be placed on the materials.

  8. The original order of unbound materials must be maintained. Do not rearrange manuscript or archival materials. Please report any disarrangement to the staff member on duty.