Records Management

University Records Management (URM) assists in the management of records in all formats to meet legal and contractual requirements, to satisfy the operational needs and efficiency of the University, and to guide Brandeis employees, faculty, and students in proper record stewardship and retention practice.

URM provides managed off-site storage and retrieval, secure shredding, and assistance with digitization of paper Brandeis records. Please contact 781-736-8759 or, or visit the Records Management LibGuide for more information about these services.

Records: Any information, regardless of format or location, made or received in connection with Brandeis activity and documenting University functions, policies, decisions, procedures and research. Examples of records include student transcripts, invoices, reports, deeds of gift, research data and licensing agreements.

Records Management (RM): The responsible and consistent management of an institution’s records throughout their lifecycle (creation, use, preservation, destruction) using professional best practices, such as legal and regulatory compliance, and legitimate internal informational and operational needs.

Retention Schedule

The Retention Schedule outlines how long each category of records needs to be retained.