Brandeis University: A People's History 1978-1979
And What a Feeling It Was …

With an original book by Brandeis students David Crane, Seth Friedman and Marta Kauffman and music by William Dreskin, “Waiting for the Feeling” was a hit at the the New England Regional College Theater Festival in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and was selected for performance at the American College Theater Festival in Washington, D.C. The following year the same team put together another production, entitled “Personals,” that not only appeared in the nationwide festival but was tapped for a European USO tour. Kauffman and Crane are now executive producers of the NBC comedy “Friends.”


A Taste of That Old-Time Religion

President Carter’s order reinstating universal draft registration sparked an immediate protest. Recalling the activities of their predecessors in decades past, Brandeis students braved a ten-degree chill in mid-February to participate in a two-hour protest rally.


Too Strange Even for Bedfellows

In order to increase its visibility as a campus organization, radio station WBRS decided to host a series of political speaking engagements this year. Event organizers invited as their first speaker David Goldman of the U.S. Labor Party, a group the station knew little about. Goldman turned out to be a spokesman for crackpot presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche. As he expounded on LaRouche’s pet theory about the British-Israeli conspiracy bent on world domination, Goldman peppered his talk with a variety of antisemitic slurs calculated to anger his audience. A few Brandeis students fell for it, allowing themselves to be drawn into precisely the sort of melée Goldman and his fellow fanatics thrived on.

As part of the settlement of the ensuing legal dispute, WBRS aired the recording of the lecture, up to the moment when the fight broke out. Brandeis Vice-President for Public Affairs Amram Ducovny described the content of the tape as “rambling paranoia, of interest only to other rambling paranoics, or perhaps psychology majors.”