Brandeis University: A People's History 1974-1975
Pathways Toward Mid-East Peace

Following the Six Day (1967) and Yom Kippur (1973) Wars a segment of American Jewry was moved to search for avenues to peace between Israel and the Arab nations. Students concerned with creating peace and dialogue organized to create PIPA (Peace between Israel, Palestinians and Arabs). The group organized a national conference at which I.F. Stone was the key note speaker.

Brandeis Research: Discovery of Excited State of Positronium

Observing the excited state of positronium, the electron-positron atomic bound state, had been the Holy Grail for many physicists for nearly a quarter of a century until finally observed at Brandeis by Professors Stephen Berko (deceased, 1991), Karl Canter (now Professor of Physics at Brandeis), and Allen P. Mills, Jr. (now at Lucent Technologies). Equally important, the Brandeis method of producing positronium involved shooting low energy positrons at solid surfaces for the first time. This resulted in discovering phenomena which have stimulated the growth of a new field of positron beam physics being pursued worldwide.

— Professor Karl Canter, Physics