A Selection of Other Titles

Cover of book "All's Well" by George Emmett. Picture of two boys on a raft

All's Well

Cover of book "King of Diamonds" with illustratin of two men with swords drawn in front of a fire. The men wear tri-corner hats long jackets, white leggins and black boots

King of Diamonds

Cover of book "The Rival Schools: Their fun, feuds and frolics" with illustration of a man standing by the edge of a lake, arms full, while another boy is in the water at the edge of the shore with outstretched arms.

The Rival Schools

Cover of book "Follow My Leader, Or, Young Wilful's Schooldays." with a picture of a schoolmater standing with a stick behind his back and a group of students surrounding a donkey.

Follow My Leader

Cover of book "The Gentleman from Indiana" with an illustratino of a man in a suit standing by a fence. Behind him are two men in white sheets, one holding a machete poised to attack him.

The Gentleman from Indiana

Cover of book "On the Queen's Service: A Tale of Many Lands." Picture is of 3 soldiers aiming thei rifles through a window at two men in uniform who are trying to duck

On the Queen's Service

Cover of book "Jack Harkaway in America" by Bracebridge Hemyng. Illustration of a barroom brawl amongst a younger and an older man, both well dressed, with several bystanders watching.

Jack Harkaway in America

Cover of book "La Fitte -- The Pirate of the Gulf." Illustration of two men fighting on the deck of a ship, one man holding a knife. The water is green and the sky is sail is pink.

La Fitte, the Pirate of the Gulf

Cover of book "Jack and Joe or the Troublesome Twins." Illustration of a large person holding 2 crying babies, facing a thin woman leaning back with hands out to prevent him from handing them to her. They are standing in a kitchen.

Jack and Joe

Cover of book "The Young Showman's Triumph" -- The Circus Series.  Illustration of an elephant and a clown in a circus tent.

The Young Showman's Triumph

Cover of book "Sportsman's Club Among the Trappers by Harry Castelmon.  Illustration is of an elk's head and antlers on a wall with a rifle and a paddle crossed above it.

The Sportsman's Club Among the Trappers

Cover of book "Don Gordon's Shooting Box," Rod and Gun Series. Illustration of a goy with a rifle in the woods

Don Gordon's Shooting Box

Cover of book "From the Ranch to the White House" with illustration of two young men, one wearing a tie and knickers; the other wearing a striped shirt and shorts

From the Ranch to the White House

Cover of book "Over the Ocean to Paris." Ted Scott Flying Stories.  Franklin W. Dixon.  Red cover with small illustration of a propellor plane

Over the Ocean to Paris

Cover of book "the Moving Picture Boys in Earthquake Land" by Victor Appleton.  There is an illustration in the center of a boy wearing a safari hat with a camera on a tripod. This picture overlaps 4 other pictures of a bear on its hind legs by a ree, wild animals, a sinkning ship and a building on fire with firemen on a ladder

The Moving Picture Boys in Earthquake Land

Cover of book "Dave Dawson on Convoy Patrol by R. Sidney Bowen.  This cover illustration is in full color. Ther eis a plane at a sharp angle above the water where there ar several ships.  A picture of a pilot is in a red ring at the bottom next to the author's name.

Dave Dawson on Convoy Patrol

Cover of book "The boy Allies on the Firing Line" by Clair W. Hayes. Illustration of two boys on horses with rifles

The Boy Allies on the Firing Line


Jack and Joe

Cover of book "The Hound from the North" with illustration of a dog

The Hound from the North

Cover of book "By Pike and Dyke" by G.A. Henty.  Picture of two boys standing by a tree at the edge of a river aiming their rifles at some canoes approaching on the water.

By Pike and Dyke

Cover of book "The Hickory Ridge Boy Scouts Pathfinder or the Missing Tenderfoot." Illustration shows 4 boy scouts in uniform standing by a lot with a flag on either side, all looking at a map.

The Hickory Ridge Boy Scouts Pathfinder, or, The Missing Tenderfoot

Cover of book "Under Wellington's Command: A tale of the peninuslar war" by GA Henty.  Picture shows a soldier with one arm outstretched, the other holding his sword.  Background is blue.

Under Wellington's Command

Cover of book "The X Bar X Boys and the Sagebrush Mystery" with small silhouette of a cowboy on a bucking bronco on a solid red background.

The X Bar X Boys and the Sagebrush Mystery

Cover of book "Trouble for Trimble" by Martin Clifford.  A Brand-new adventure of Tom Merry and Co. of St. Jim's.  Full color illustration of a large boy in a softball uniform batting a ball. Behind him another boy stands smiling.

Trouble for Trimble