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World War I and World War II Propaganda Posters

Robert D. Farber University Archives and Special Collections, Library and Technology Services Brandeis University

The Brandeis University World War I and World War II Propaganda Posters collection includes nearly 100 different images (a majority from the WWI era) addressing a variety of American war aims. The posters were inspired by Western European examples, and their development and production in the United States harnessed the prodigious skills of artists and industrial designers. Posters often promoted support for programs, including The United War Work Campaign, the Red Cross and most notably, the Liberty and Victory loan programs. The first and second Liberty loan campaigns of 1917, the third and fourth of 1918, and the Victory loan push of early 1919 created a vast amount of poster art on both the local and national levels.

Many designs were created, the majority of which were printed in large quantities. A number of artists were recruited to design propaganda posters during the two wars; many were already widely known through their work in books, magazines and advertising. The Brandeis collection includes such famous artists as Howard Chandler Christy, Haskell Coffin, Casper Emerson, Jr., Harrison Fisher, James Montgomery Flagg, Henry Patrick Raleigh and Adolph Treidler, to name a few; Edward Penfield is not included.

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