Library Resource Cancellations

The Brandeis Library works to build collections that support our three strategic objectives as a University: the student learning/living experience; supporting research, creativity, and collaborative innovation; and honoring our founding values. Maintaining these collections while staying within our budget requires us to review each resource carefully and occasionally results in cancellations. Resources are reviewed through a formal process involving analysis of usage, cost, and alternative sources, feedback from Library staff and campus stakeholders, and consideration of the resource's importance to Brandeis' strategic objectives. 

Like other units on campus, the Library was asked to make budget sacrifices for this fiscal year (FY24). In addition, most electronic resource subscriptions increase in price by 3-5% each year. In order to remain within our budget and be responsible stewards of University funds, we have found it necessary to cancel subscriptions to select resources. We know that these cancellations can create challenges for faculty, students, and researchers and are here to help find alternative means of accessing information when possible. 

If a resource you need is no longer available, we can help! 

View the list of canceled resources from July 2021 onward (Google Spreadsheet) 

If you have questions about a resource or alternative sources, please contact your Subject Liaison.