Vision and Goals

The Center for Teaching and Learning sees our mission as helping Brandeis faculty to foster deep and meaningful learning experiences which support their students’ intellectual growth and inspire them to improve the world.

The CTL’s goals are to:
  • promote teaching as an intellectually stimulating and thoughtful practice, driven by inquiry, reflection, and collaboration;
  • nurture learner-centered pedagogy based on current scholarship;
  • inspire and support teaching innovation and experimentation;
  • collaborate with faculty, students, staff, and administrators to foster student learning;
  • engage faculty from across the University in conversations about teaching and learning;
  • celebrate the excellent teaching on campus; and
  • help faculty and students enjoy their teaching and learning experiences.

Moreover, we recognize that teaching can often be a difficult and lonely experience, especially over the last few years, and we welcome you to share your challenges with us. We hear you, we see you, and we are here to help. We are grateful for the important work you are doing.

How can we help you?

Here at Brandeis, the Center for Teaching and Learning is dedicated to supporting instructors with their teaching and learning needs. If you are an instructor (including faculty members, lecturers, graduate student TAs, etc.), please fill out a CTL Help Request form to explain the issues and challenges you are facing, and we will reach out to you with help shortly!

A full list of CTL services is available on the CTL Services webpage.

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Responding to chatGPT

Given the recent advent of chatGPT and other AI-generative tools, the CTL has drafted a preliminary set of evolving guidelines for reconsidering assignment and course design to emphasize student learning in light of these new technologies.

We know each course and discipline will face its own unique challenges, and we are ready to help you find acceptable solutions.  Please reach out to us at or fill out a CTL Help Request form with your specific questions!