Students use the MakerLab

The Brandeis MakerLab is organized around a social justice vision that emphasizes broad access to innovation expertise and technologies as well as the positive impact that innovation can make in the world. The MakerLab enjoys very broad involvement from the Brandeis community, including students, faculty researchers, and staff members.

The MakerLab’s vibrant and effective culture of tinkering and beta-testing enable rapid and effective innovation. This approach has captured the imagination of a growing cohort of faculty members, who are enhancing their courses by integrating maker elements in consultation with expert Library staff. Every day, members of the expanding Brandeis maker community pursue technology projects that develop new forms of culture and craft in a collaborative setting.

Farber Classroom

Many computers in the Farber Classroom

Farber 101 Classroom is a computer lab that hosts classes year-round and is available as a study space to students during off-hours. It seats 35 students and one instructor, has a projector at the front of the classroom, and a high-volume printer towards the back. All of the lab computers (excluding three PCs) have Windows OS virtualization as well as a host of academic software to support students and instructors who require computers for their lessons. We’ve recently partnered with the MakerLab to expand our hardware and software offerings to include CAD, VR, game design, and molecular modeling among others.