Strategic Collections Project

Project Introduction

The Brandeis Library launched its Strategic Collections Project in the summer of 2022, to ensure that our physical collections remain current and relevant to the University’s research and teaching needs. The Library prides itself on the strength of our collections, but over the years, shifting research priorities and changes to the Library buildings themselves have created an unsustainable situation, in which the most relevant materials are not also the most accessible to our community.

To remedy this, we have reimagined the ways that we acquire, sort, and assess our physical collections, and will spend the next three years working, floor by floor, to realize it. The Library’s Strategic Collections Project involves shifting rarely used materials into storage, deselecting materials that are obsolete or available in alternate formats, and restructuring our collection spaces within the building to allow for easier discovery. While such major work is bound to cause disruptions, in the end it will allow for more purposeful and sustainable collection growth, and the best imaginable Library experience for all of Brandeis.

More information on our Strategic Collections Project can be found below, and we will regularly update this website to reflect which Phase of the project we are in, as well as share important updates. You can also contact Mark Paris, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources & Discovery.

Commitment to Our Collections

Though this project involves deselecting physical materials to promote sustainable growth, the Library is firmly committed to ensuring that no community member loses access to any of the resources they require to do their work. Deselection of Library materials is simply the selection process in reverse, and is equally as important as acquisition for responsible stewardship of University resources and collections.

Through a combination of digital licensing, consortial partnerships, and our interlibrary loan program, we will ensure continuous access to relevant materials, both during and long after after this project’s completion.

The Process

Our deselection process includes narrow and specific criteria tailored to ensure no loss of access. Librarians from across departments, including subject expert librarians, are included in all steps of this process as well as representatives from the faculty. 

Project Timeline


The Strategic Collections Project is supported by three main groups of Brandeis Community members: our Steering Group, an Analysis Working Group, and a Process Working Group.


Last page update: May 21, 2024