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Using VoiceThread to Provide Pinpoint Feedback on Student Oral Presentations

VoiceThread is a unique tool that can transform the manner in which instructors offer feedback on students' oral presentations. This platform provides an array of approaches to deliver valuable feedback to students, one of which is the ability to comment directly on pre-recorded video presentations submitted by students. In the three-minute video below, a faculty member from Brandeis discusses his collaboration with a learning designer to set up VoiceThread in his online course space. He was able to provide pinpoint feedback on their video presentations, resulting in improved presentation quality and an enhanced learning experience. Faculty in the language arts, business schools or other fields that requires students to get input on public speaking techniques have found this to be a very useful tool.

Additional Resources

If you have questions about how to set up VoiceThread in your course or would like to speak with someone on our team please reach out to the Center for Teaching and Learning at ctl@brandeis.edu or call us at 781-736-8322.