Learning Design Team

Our Learning Design team is available to collaborate with you on solutions for your teaching challenges. We can work with you to design and develop courses, assignments, assessments and more. We will work in a holistic manner, integrating teaching with technology, streamlining your workload and increasing engagement for students.

For example, do you want your students to be able to give each other feedback on their practice presentations without taking up class time? A learning designer can help you integrate a VoiceThread activity in which students record themselves giving their practice talk, allowing the instructor and other students to leave time-stamped feedback on their recording.

Learning Designers

John McCormick
John McCormick
Associate Director of Learning Design
781-736-4756 Farber 2

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Renee Hung
Jui-Hsin Renee Hung
Learning Designer
781-736-8783 Farber 2
Pronouns: she/her/hers

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Katherine Martell
Katherine Martell
Learning Designer
781-736-4766 Farber 2

If you’d like to meet with a Learning Designer for help with instructional design, course development, and online/hybrid teaching, please feel free to sign up for an in-person or Zoom consultation appointment.

Please see our gallery of Learning Design success stories for examples of how our Learning Design team can help you!