Intercultural Residency Series

OlogundeThe Intercultural Residency Series (ICRS) brings artists of high accomplishment to Brandeis from around the world. The goal of these residencies is to deepen understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures through exploring artistic traditions, promoting intellectual inquiry and encouraging cultural

The ICRS takes place in the university setting and links the creative arts with academic inquiry in explorations of culture, history and tradition. Building on the musical narrative of the World Music Series and the educational reflective goals of MusicUnitesUS, the Intercultural Residency Series hosts, for a few days each semester, a musical ensemble whose ethos is embedded in a particular social, cultural and/or political setting. With music as the common medium, the ICRS addresses the eternal questions of social justice and peaceful coexistence in the global community through events that offer opportunities for intellectual inquiry, reflective process, experiential learning, and creative expression. The Brandeis community is invited to experience the arts and facilitate a greater understanding of diversity through workshops with students, integration with curricula of ongoing courses, panel discussions and lectures by Brandeis and visiting faculty, and dialogues in informal social gatherings. With support and collaboration from many departments and programs on campus, the series approaches cultural exploration with interdisciplinary, intercultural perspectives. Taking its cue from the diverse cultures on the Brandeis campus, the series has as its goal a deeper appreciation of the many worldviews that coexist today.

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