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IA (Institutional Advancement)
ICorps (Technology Licensing Office)
Incubator (Technology Licensing Office)
Industry Sponsor (Technology Licensing Office)
Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services Administration (Information Technology Services)
Innovation (Technology Licensing Office)
Institute for Behavioral Health (Heller School Soc Policy & Mgt)
Institute for Child, Youth and Family Policy (Heller School Soc Policy & Mgt)
Institute for Economic and Racial Equity (Heller School Soc Policy & Mgt)
Institute for Investigative Journalism (Schuster Inst for Invst Jrnlsm)
Institute for Jewish Philanthropy and Leadership (Cohen Ctr for Mod Jewish Stud)
Institutional Advancement
Integrated Design (Office of Communications)
Integrated Design (Office of Communications)
Integrated Media Relations (Office of Communications)
Intercultural Center
Intercultural Center (Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion)
Interdisciplinary Program in Literary Studies
International (Study Abroad)
International & Global Studies
International Business School
International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life
International Students & Scholars Office (Office of the Provost)
Internet Studies
Invention (Technology Licensing Office)
Invention Disclosure (Technology Licensing Office)
Investment Management
IR (Office of Institutional Research)
Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies
IT Planning & Operations (Information Technology Services)
IT Portfolio Services (Information Technology Services)
Italian Studies (Romance Studies)
ITS Contractors (Information Technology Services)