University Ombuds

Visitor Experience

Here's what visitors say about their experience with the Ombuds Office:

“Our sessions with an Ombuds over the summer were truly life-changing for our relationship. I am beyond grateful to you for your help in that. My changed relationship with [this colleague] is one of the great joys of my work now! Thank you for facilitating a difficult conversation that has added much value to our office and team.” - Staff 

“Thank you for being so helpful to us earlier this semester. We gained a lot from our conversation and we feel that we successfully navigated the tough scenario within our student group.” - Students

“The Ombuds has been extremely helpful and done everything possible to help me resolve my problem. They were incredibly helpful from the start, and I now understand what an important role a smart and ethical Ombuds plays in the life of the University.” - Administrator

“The ombuds was exceedingly empathic and supportive. I was nervous for the facilitated conversation with someone who could have turned into an adversary. I wasn't prepared for hearing compassion and affirmation from the other person. I'm optimistic about the future relationship in a way I could not have imagined before.- Faculty

“It was a pleasure speaking to the ombuds. Your office is a shining light with more good to give out. Keep being you!” - Student

“I appreciated feeling seen, heard, and validated. The ombuds was a caring, trusting presence focused on helping me. I have already recommended them to my colleagues.” - Staff

“The session provided an excellent way to communicate my concerns to the other party in a neutral and less charged setting than a simple one-to-one meeting.” - Faculty

We also provide workshops across campus on difficult conversations and conflict management. This is what workshop attendees say:

“The Ombuds training on difficult conversations was one of the most useful and well constructed workshops I've attended at Brandeis. We not only learned about helpful concepts but put them into practice in the session, engaging in trust with each other through authenticity, logic, and empathy. I would highly recommend the training to individuals, teams, and larger work units.”

“The 1.5 hours went super fast - an indication to me that this was a great workshop! Thank you!”

“A very useful and well facilitated session. Thank you.”

When asked, “What is one action you will take as a result of attending this workshop?” participants responded:

  • Follow up with ombuds and make a plan for a particularly difficult conversation I need to have.
  • Ask more questions before proceeding with a task.
  • I will plan to have a difficult conversation that I have been procrastinating in having.
  • Remember there is a third version of what is happening.
  • Better understand all parties involved.
  • I will think a lot more about how I engage in difficult conversations.