Institutional Biosafety Committee

Forms and Instructions

The NIH Guidelines are a set of regulations governing safe basic and clinical research with recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids and biological agents.

The failure to adhere to them may result in suspension of National Institutes of Health funding to an individual principal investigator or the entire institution. The guidelines apply to all recombinant nucleic acid activities at an institution where any work with recombinant nucleic acids receives NIH funding.

In accordance with NIH’s Office of Science Policy regulations, all biological research must be reviewed and approved by the IBC. Principal investigators are required to submit an application to use recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules; potentially infectious agents; select agents and toxins; and/or human or nonhuman primate blood, fluids, tissues and/or cell lines prior to the initiation of research.

Application forms are provided below and must be submitted to the IBC office to initiate the review process. For any questions, please contact the IBC office at or at 781-736-8136.

Please note: Forms may not open in your browser. If you get an error message, simply right click on the form, "Save As" to download it, and open it using Adobe Reader. If you continue running into any problems, please contact our office for further assistance.