Native American and Indigenous Studies Colloquia

Spring 2019:  American Studies Program Events:


Mortal Storm:  Q&A with Brandeis University Professor Thomas Doherty
May 7

Carl Laemmle:  Q&A with Brandeis University Professor Thomas Doherty
May 15 


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American Studies Program Events:


Mortal Storm:  Tuesday, May 7 at 7:30pm, Coolidge Corner Theater

Q&A with Brandeis University Professor Thomas Doherty, Author Hollywood & Hitler


Starring the incomparable team of Margaret Sullavan and Jimmy Stewart and released in June 1940 before America’s official entry into World War II, Mortal Storm was MGM’s first anti-Nazi film, and one of only two films made in Hollywood during the war that explicitly identifies Jews as victims of Nazism—the other film, None Shall Escape, was shown at last year’s NCJF festival. The Nazis’ rise to power splits a family apart in this melodrama set in Germany in 1933. A Jewish professor (Frank Morgan) refuses to conform his teaching to Nazi doctrine and pays the price. His daughter Freya (Sullavan) leaves her fiancée (Robert Young), who is becoming a dedicated Fascist, for her childhood friend Martin (Stewart), a defiant anti-Nazi, with whom she attempts escape. Directed by two-time Best Director Oscar-winning director Frank Borzage and written by two refugees from Nazi Germany, George Froeschel (a Jewish former newspaper editor) and Paul Hans Rameau (a well-known scriptwriter, persecuted for being gay). Restored by UCLA Film & Television Archive. Dir: Frank Borzage | USA | 1940 | 100m | English

Carl Laemmle:  Wednesday, May 15, 7:30 pm, Museum of Fine Arts

Q&A with Brandeis University Professor Thomas Doherty, Author Hollywood & Hitler

James Freedman’s top notch documentary is an absolute must for cinema lovers! A pioneering mogul of early cinema and an unsung Jewish-American hero, Carl Laemmle certainly lived his motto, “it can be done.” Laemmle, a German émigré, founded Universal Pictures in 1912. Under Laemmle, Universal was pure innovation and gamble, producing hundreds of comedies, westerns, and seminal monster movies (The Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein, Dracula). Laemmle helped establish Hollywood California as the world’s movie capital, beat back Thomas Edison’s monopolization of the film industry, hired women directors and African American actors, and gave many Hollywood legends their starts, including Walt Disney, John Ford, William Wyler, and Irving Thalberg. But Laemmle’s legacy extends far beyond Hollywood: “Uncle Carl,” as he was known on the studio lot, dedicated his personal fortune to rescuing more than 300 Jewish families from Nazi Germany. Dir: James L. Freedman | USA | 2018 | 91m | English

“Riveting.” — Bay Area Reporter
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NAIS Colloquia Series:  Spring 2019

The Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) Colloquia Series features talks from scholars, activists, and tribal representatives from Boston and the surrounding area. The objective of the Colloquia is to facilitate conversations about and relationships within NAIS by drawing on the wealth of local and regional resources while exploring Brandeis' responsibilities to Indigenous peoples on occupied land. Currently, there are no upcoming events in this series.