Long-term Measurement Data

Based on the forest inventory, we have established over one hundred long-term measurement plots. We will post our data from the initial baseline measurements of these plots at the end of the summer. In the meantime, the data from our forest inventory is available for use.

Long–Term Forest Monitoring

Our long-term measurement study is part of a larger study comparing unmanaged and managed forests across New England. This project stems from the Wildlands and Woodlands vision for forest protection in Massachusetts. Our work will involve over one hundred 20 x 20 meter plots in Weston's town forest that will be re-measured on a 2-5 year interval. Data collected include the following:

  • Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) and species of all stems in the plot
  • Understory vegetation species and percent cover
  • Standing deadwood species and DBH
  • Coarse Woody Debris volume, species, and decay class
  • Environmental variables such as slope, aspect, and soil characteristics

In order to establish our long-term plots, we recently completed an inventory of the Weston town forest. The data and species percentage maps are now available for download below.Highland forest species percentage

Case Species Percentage map

Ogilvie Species Percentage

Jericho Species Percentage

Sears Species Percentage

Weston College Species Percentage