Past Events 2007-2008

QB Lunch Meeting

April 16, 2008


QB-sponsored colloquium speaker

April 2, 2008
Edward H. Egelman, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, University of Virginia
"Polymorphic Perversity in Protein Polymers: Implications for Evolution"


QB-sponsored colloquium speaker

March 17, 2008
John. R. Engen, Barnett Institute of Chemical & Biological Analysis, Northeastern University
"Measuring Cooperative Unfolding in Proteins and its Application in the Study of Src-Family Kinase Regulatory Mechanisms"


QB-sponsored colloquium speaker

March 4, 2008
Jan Liphardt, UC Berkeley Physics Department
"Plasmonics, radiating nanowires, and light-powered E. coli"


QB-sponsored colloquium speaker

Feb. 27, 2008
Andrew Murray, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University
"We're not in Kansas anymore: Experimental evolution in yeast"


Quantitative Biology Boot Camp

Jan. 13-14, 2008
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T-shirt designs due

Dec. 15, 2007


Scholar Award applications due

Nov. 15, 2007


QB program applications due

Oct. 22, 2007


2007-08 Quantitative Biology Retreat

(jointly held with the biochemistry and biophysics retreat)

Oct. 18-19, 2007
Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass.


Information meeting for prospective Quantitative Biology Students

Aug. 27, 2007