The Martin A. Fisher School of Physics enjoys an international reputation for excellence in research, and is one of the highest-ranked of its size in the country. The department offers rigorous training to aspiring physicists at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, with close personal attention to the individual needs of each student.

Brandeis University, as a leader of research in the sciences, offers the rare combination of an internationally recognized research university in a medium-sized setting. This atmosphere promotes close interactions with prestigious faculty; collaboration among faculty and students; and, given our location just outside of Boston, a plethora of opportunities in the sciences.

Undergraduate Program

Physics undergraduates are encouraged to get involved in research projects. These may involve observing distant quasars, analyzing data from the Large Hadron Collider, working in our cutting-edge, condensed-matter laboratories, or carrying out theoretical studies ranging from biological materials to quantum theory.

Graduate Programs

The master's and PhD programs at Brandeis are characterized by a low student-to-faculty ratio. Students enjoy ample opportunity for personal interaction with instructors in the classroom and laboratory and with advisers to guide their graduate research.

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