Student Accessibility Support

Important: During the 2020 - 2021 Academic year, Student Accessibility Support (SAS) will continue to work remotely. We are still meeting and providing support to students, staff, and faculty in a virtual format. For technology needs, we will be coming into our offices intermittently. To schedule a meeting with us, please call (781) 736-3470 or email us at 

Students with disabilities make up an important part of our Brandeis community. Our diverse community includes students with a range of physical, sensory, psychological, medical and learning disabilities.

While appreciating the strengths and vulnerabilities of all students, Student Accessibility Support seeks to promote the growth of undergraduate and graduate students through individual connection with students, campus-wide initiatives and collaboration with others in the Brandeis community.

Students in a classroom looking to the front of the room

Requesting Accommodations at Brandeis

Depending on the nature and severity of the disability and the particular needs of the student, students may obtain a variety of academic adjustments. This can include, but is not limited to:

For more information on how to request academic accommodations and non-academic accommodations, we invite you to check out the information provided on our website. If you still have any questions about how to start the process, we are always happy to meet with you! Please call the Academic Services main phone line at 781-736-3470 to schedule a meeting with an accessibility specialist or email us directly (

Please Note: Essential programmatic requirements cannot be altered and are determined by faculty and departments. As a student at Brandeis, you are expected to meet all academic and behavioral expectations of both the courses you are taking and of the broader campus community.