Faculty Activity Report

Welcome to the online Faculty Activity Report support site. Together with Technology Services, the provost's office has designed an online report that is accessible from on or off campus and that contains relevant information from the Registrar, the Office of Research Administration and the Faculty Guide. The information below includes helpful tips for each section of the report. 

To access the online activity report, login to sage.brandeis.edu and choose the Faculty Activity Report link, under the Faculty Data tab.


To navigate to the activity report sections, choose a desired section in the "jump to" drop down box found at the top and the bottom of each page. Or choose a "next" or "previous" arrow to navigate to sections prior to or following the current section.

Recommended Browsers

Popup blockers must be disabled in all Web browsers. Choose "Preferences," "Options" or "Tools" menu within the Web browser and deselect the option to "Block Popup Windows."

Visit the Browser Requirements page on the SAGE website for information on recommended browsers.

Help Support

The Provost's office, the Deans' offices, and Information Technology Services (ITS) offers support to assist you during the activity report process (see below). The online instructions within the activity report are designed to walk you through each step, but we understand that more help may be needed.

For questions relating to activity report content or deadlines, contact your Dean's office or the Provost's office as follows:

For technical questions, contact Technology Services by emailing sage-lts@brandeis.edu.

Printing/Print Preview

The “Print Preview” link will open in a separate browser window, allowing you to view (and print) the entire activity report in the Finish/Print/Submit section. Keep in mind that you will have to close the print preview window to return to the activity report.

If you are on a PC and the "print preview" option is not working, press both the Control key (CNTL) and the "print preview" link. This will momentarily disable popup blockers and allow you to preview the section. 

Save and 'Timing Out'

Each section requires you to “Save” your input. Please make sure to save frequently, as the system times out after 120 minutes of inactivity and your data will not be saved automatically. Please note that information entered into a text area of the activity report is not saved until you click "Save" or tab to the next input area within the report. Either of these actions will reset the 120 minute inactivity window.

You may leave the activity report and return to continue working at any time during the activity report period, but you must "Save" all work before logging out of Sage.

Activity Report Sections

Getting Started
To upload your C.V., click the “Save C.V.” button to navigate through your computer until you find the document to upload. Click the “Save” button upon successful upload. The “Delete C.V.” button is available if the wrong file was uploaded; you must then begin anew with the “Save C.V.” process.

Instructional Activities
The fields in this section are all free-text (except for the prepopulated course information from the registrar). This allows you to write in any information you would like or to leave blank, as appropriate. Click “Save.”

Questions and concerns regarding prepopulated course information must be directed to the Registrar's Office.

Please read the online directions carefully; they are designed to walk you through the options for editing or adding your scholarship. 

When adding new scholarship, note the default SCHOLARSHIP DATE of April 1 of the current year at the top of the form.  PLEASE UPDATE THIS DATE WITH THE ACTUAL PUBLICATION OR PERFORMANCE DATE, unless publication is forthcoming and the date is not yet known (in that case leave the default as is).

Publications can be entered in any order, but will appear in reverse chronological order. The system will not prevent you from leaving the screen if there is no data in the all fields; however, the entry on the Activity Report will look incomplete if those fields are left blank.

Remember to click “Save” often during this process. 

Your scholarship will be updated in the online faculty guide immediately, once you have clicked the "Save" button

Note: Each scholarship defaults to “Include in the Faculty Guide”; you may choose to exclude an item from the online faculty guide by clicking the "No" button at the top of the publication information section.

Follow the online directions carefully to walk you through entering university service information. Choose “Add Service” to add information relevant for this activity report period.

Information from the Office of Research Administration is prepopulated in this section. If the Office of Research Administration did not process your proposal and/or grant, then you will need to add relevant information in the free-text box found at the bottom of this section. If you have any questions, please contact Steve van Ness in the Office of Research Administration, svanness@brandeis.edu.

Read the online directions carefully to walk you through the options for editing or adding awards and honors. Click “Save” often during this process.

Note: Each award and honor defaults to “Include in the Faculty Guide”; you may choose to exclude an item from the online faculty guide by clicking the "No" button at the bottom of the "Add or Edit" section.

Intellectual Property
All fields are free-text; they may either be populated with information or left blank. Click “Save” often during this process.

Professional Activities
All fields are free-text; they may either be populated with information or left blank. Click “Save” often during this process.

Work Outside the University
All fields are free-text; they may either be populated with information or left blank. Click “Save” often during this process.

Expertise/Profile/Lay Summary
Your Activity Report helps us share your accomplishments with the outside world, including prospective students (and their parents), the media and donors. In keeping with this purpose, we are asking you to review your Profile and Expertise paragraphs from the Faculty Guide—these will be pre-loaded into the report form—and to make any changes that are needed so they are current and complete. The versions you approve with your report will then appear automatically on your Faculty Guide page. We are also giving you the option of providing an alternative lay profile that will not appear in the Faculty Guide, to help the Admissions Office, the Communications Office, and the Development Office, which need to stay up-to-date with the academic interests and expertise of the faculty.

This section will not be included in the final pdf of your Activity Report; you may view/print/access this information at any time through the ‘Faculty Data’ tab in SAGE.

This section can be used for:

  1. Printing the entire activity report (by choosing “Print Preview”) and/or
  2. Submitting the final version of the activity report

Once you click inside the “Submit” check box, the activity report will no longer be available for editing. The “Date Completed” will appear after clicking the “Submit” check box, and a copy of your report will be available to your chair and dean.

After checking the "Submit" check box you will receive an e-mail from the PeopleSoft system with an attached copy of your submitted report.

If you have clicked “Submit” in error, please contact your Dean's office as noted above, and they will reopen the activity report for you. You will then need to click "Submit" again to send to your chair and dean. You may, however, return to this section at any time to print the entire document ("Print Preview") after submitting the activity report.

Log out of SAGE when you are finished working on the activity report. All data will be available if you have clicked the “Save” button while working in each section.