Faculty Leave

Use this form to request an academic leave, as outlined in the Faculty Handbook. All requests for Family and Medical Leave should be directed through Human Resources.

Faculty Academic Leave
Request Form (pdf)
Please download this form to your computer and use either Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to complete it.  When you have finished, please save the pdf in its form-state so that the boxes in which you have entered information are still expandable.  You may print your signature into the form.

Applicants seeking a leave request must complete pages 1 and 2 of this form and submit it to the Department Chair (or School Dean) within the department’s internally set deadline, usually sometime in the fall.

The Department Chair (or School Dean) will review the Applicant’s submission, complete page 3 of this form, and submit it to the School Dean for consideration no later than December 7.

The School Dean will review the request and recommendation of the Department Chair, if applicable, and submit their recommendation on page 4 of this form to the Provost no later than December 14.

The Provost will review the request, recommendations of the Department Chair and School Dean and make a determination on page 4 of this form. The Provost’s Office will notify the applicant, Department Chair, and School Dean of the determination no later than December 31.