Faculty Guide Transition to ScholarWorks Profiles

The Faculty Guide will soon transition to ScholarWorks Faculty and Researcher Profiles. ScholarWorks showcases various types of scholarship, expertise and activities by our community of scholars, and offers many features for those who use the platform and those who are interested in Brandeis.

The University’s current Faculty Guide was developed many years ago using Sage, which has been replaced by Workday.

The change to Workday provided the opportunity to reexamine the existing Faculty Guide platform and select a new system that better serves the Brandeis community.

The main goals of the project include adopting a system that is easy for faculty and researchers to maintain, increasing the visibility of Brandeis faculty/researcher achievements, and aiding research-driven metrics of the university.

ScholarWorks by Esploro was chosen as the platform for the new profiles. 

Updates and information on the transition to ScholarWorks Profiles will be posted as we move toward the goal of launching during the fall 2022 semester.

Project Current Status

Work to migrate data from Sage and Activity Reports into ScholarWorks, and also to capture scholarship through a "smart harvesting" process is nearing completion, and the project team has begun releasing new profiles for review, on a rolling basis as each profile is complete. See the project timeline for more information.

What Faculty Need to Do Now

DO create and connect your ORCID iD.

DO NOT make edits to your ScholarWorks profile until you receive an email notification that your profile is ready for review.