Financial Aid

Brandeis maintains a substantial aid program consisting of grants, loans and work awards. Approximately 58 percent of the students enrolled at Brandeis receive university assistance. The staff of the Office of Student Financial Services is available to assist parents and students in planning to finance four years of undergraduate education.

Financial aid is awarded after a careful analysis of the family's ability to support the student's costs of education. The analysis is based on the information submitted by the family on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the PROFILE, and if applicable, federal income tax returns.

The student's eligibility for assistance is determined according to federal government regulations and university policies governing financial aid programs. Included in the analysis is the ability of the parent(s), if applicable, and the student to contribute from current and future income and assets. The difference between a family's ability to support the student and the actual costs of education is determined to be the student's financial need. The amount of each student’s financial aid award is based upon the financial need. Students with demonstrated financial need should expect some combination of scholarship, loan and/or work awards in their financial aid offer.  The University is committed to meeting the full demonstrated financial of undergraduate students with these need-based sources.