Introduction to Degree Requirements

Brandeis offers the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees. A student may earn only one undergraduate degree. Students who declare a major that offers a Bachelor of Science track must specify which degree is sought (the B.A. or B.S.) when the major is declared. Diplomas specify the degree earned, any honors awarded (Latin and/or departmental) and completed majors.

For students entering Brandeis beginning fall 2019, all candidates for a bachelor's degree, regardless of the subsequent date of entrance to Brandeis, must satisfactorily complete a major, a first year experience and writing requirement, a world languages sequence, a group of courses designed to provide a strong foundation in general education. One course may be used to fulfill a core requirement, excepting University Writing Seminars, quantitative reasoning, writing intensive, oral communication, and digital literacy courses, with the pass/fail grading. No more than one course (and never the final one) in the language sequence may be taken pass/fail if the language is being offered in satisfaction of the world languages sequence.

Students will follow a curriculum that features requirements in global engagement and world languages and cultures, writing and oral communication, quantitative reasoning, digital literacy, health and wellness, and a program of general foundation courses; a section of this Bulletin contains the courses that will satisfy these requirements. Clarification regarding university degree requirements may always be obtained from the Office of the University Registrar.