Types of Investigations and Interim Measures

Informal Investigations

Informal investigations may occur when a Community Standards Report (CSR) or Brandeis Police report exists in which a reporting party has decided not to serve as a complainant, the reporter’s identity is unknown or the reporting party wishes to remain anonymous. Informal investigations address issues of safety for the reporting party and the entire Brandeis community. No sanctions are issued as a result of an informal investigation, because there is no formal opportunity for the responding party to refute the disclosure or report.

Formal Special Examiner’s Process

The special examiner’s process (SEP) is the formal adjudication process of gender‐based allegations, including sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual harassment. The SEP occurs when the university receives a report from a willing complainant who is a current Brandeis community member (student, staff or faculty) against a current Brandeis student. This prompt, fair and impartial process is described in Section 22 of the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

When a student is accused of multiple violations for a single incident or cluster of related incidents, some of which are gender‐based and others of which are not, the SEP will be used to adjudicate all allegations simultaneously or in multiple SEPs as deemed appropriate by the Dean of Students.

Adjudication through the SEP may result in sanctions and/or protective measures if the accused is found responsible for one or more violations of the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Interim Measures

Complainants to a report of sexual misconduct may seek interim measures regardless of whether formal action is taken.

The school should notify the complainant of his or her options to avoid contact with the alleged perpetrator and allow the complainant to change academic and extracurricular activities or his or her living, transportation, dining, and working situation as appropriate. - Office of Civil Rights

Examples of interim measures at Brandeis include:

Support Services

Support services are available to both complainants and respondents regardless of whether formal action is taken.

According to the Office of Civil Rights, the school should ensure the parties aware of their Title IX rights and any available resources, such as advocacy, housing assistance, academic support, counseling, disability services, health and mental health services, and the right to report a crime to campus or local law enforcement.