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Sara Chaganti
  • Sara Chaganti

    Date of PhD: May 2018

  • Research/Teaching Interests: Sociology of work, sociology of culture, poverty and inequality social welfare policy, program and policy implementation and evaluation, mixed methods research

  • Dissertation Title: Ready for Work: Preparing Low-Income Adults for Work through Job Readiness Training

  • Dissertation Committee: Carmen Sirianni (Chair), Thomas Shapiro, Janet Boguslaw, Laura Miller, Steven Vallas (Northeastern University)

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Casey Clevenger
  • Casey Clevenger

    Date of PhD: February 2016

  • Research/Teaching Interests: Sociology of religion and culture, sociology of gender and sexuality, global and transnational sociology, race and ethnicity, African studies, human rights, research methods

  • Dissertation Title: Women with Hearts as Wide as the World: Gender, Race, and Inequality in Women's Transnational Religious Organizations

  • Dissertation Committee: Wendy Cadge (Chair), Karen Hansen, and Carmen Sirianni

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Alexis Mann
  • Alexis MannDate of PhD: May 2017

  • Research/Teaching Interests: how regional and city context shapes economic inequality; in particular, her research focuses on how families build and sustain economic security, in the face of increasing rates of economic insecurity nationally.

  • Dissertation Title: The Geography of Middle Class Economic Security: Does Location Matter?

  • Dissertation Committee: Thomas Shapiro (Chair), Laura Miller, David Cunningham, Grant Ritter, Thomas Sugrue (University of Pennsylvania)

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