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Archon is the official yearbook of Brandeis University. The book covers an entire year of student events, club activities, academic programs, sports records and student life. The book is mailed in the fall following graduation to all recent graduates, for free. 

Call for Photo Submissions

Send Us Your Photos

Since the Archon Yearbook includes photos from events throughout the year, event cancellations have had a huge impact on us. So, we need more photos from you! We want to capture your Brandeis memories and share your perspective from this historical period of time. This is a great opportunity for you to send us pics with friends, families, communities, online classrooms and virtual events!

We are calling for photos under following categories:

  • Selfie - Seclusion selfies
  • Zoom/Google Hangout - Screenshots of students in Google Hangouts or Zoom meetings (class, club events, hanging out with friends, etc.)
  • Study abroad - Send us your favorite photos from when your studied abroad
  • Graduation - Celebration photos with senior friends and families
  • Family - Silver linings people have found in this time of just staying home with family
  • Community - Photos from around your neighborhood
  • Other -
    • Your home study area
    • You and your cute pet(s)
    • Getting back to nature
    • Anything creative
Please send your photo to with categories specified in the title. For example, Zoom/Graduation – Linda Xie.

We will accept photos until June! Thanks!

Seniors! Order your 2020 Archon Yearbook now!

Hello, Soon-To-Be College Graduates!

The Archon yearbook is mailed to all recent graduates in the FALL following graduation, and it is FREE! But, we need your information to ensure the yearbook gets to you. Please fill out our online order form to receive your 2020 Archon Yearbook in the fall.

IMPORTANT: We prefer to ship the yearbook to domestic addresses. If you are an international student who would like to receive a yearbook, please provide a domestic address if at all possible. If you do not have a domestic shipping address, please include all necessary address information that would be required for parcel delivery.

Again, the books are shipped in the fall (September/October). So, please provide a shipping address where you or a friend or family member can receive the book for you in the fall. Please do not use your campus address or post office boxes.

You can also indicate if you would like to opt out of receiving a yearbook.

If you have any further questions or would like to update your mailing address, please contact

Yearbook Ads

Don't miss this opportunity to honor your Brandeis University Graduate!

You can create and purchase senior ads for your students using the Yearbook Order Center online form.

Deadline for Purchase: June 15, 2020

Buying and designing your ad is easy. 

  1. Go to the Yearbook Order Center website and enter school code 13904.
  2. Click on "Buy a Yearbook Ad."
  3. You’ll be able to design your ad using a super easy online tool, and once you love your creation, you’ll pay for it; the ad will automatically be submitted to us. No need to send in this form OR your ad!

If you need any technical support, call 877-362-7750. If you have any questions, please reach out to


Ad Format Price
Full Page Color $275
1/2 Page Color $150
1/4 Page Color $100
1/8 Page Color $60