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Archon is the official yearbook of Brandeis University. It's put together by a group of dedicated Brandeis student volunteers who are members of the Archon Yearbook club. The book covers an entire year of student events, club activities, academic programs, sports records, and student life. The book is mailed in the fall following graduation to all recent graduates and is completely free!

Brandeis Class of 2021 Yearbook Information

Congratulations on being members of the Brandeis Class of 2021! This year is like no other, but it's still your senior year! Archon wants to capture your Brandeis memories from the year and include them in the 2021 Archon Yearbook, which will be shipped in the fall of 2021 to every senior for free.
The Archon staff recognizes how important it is for seniors to have their senior portraits and other photos included in the yearbook. After all, we're students too! So, we would like to share some information about senior portraits and candid photos.

Submit Your Photos to the Yearbook

We love to receive photos from students! You are welcome to submit candid photos and club or team photos.

Order Your 2021 Archon Yearbook

Hey, Seniors!

Your 2021 Archon Yearbook is FREE! But, we need your address! Please use this Order Form for your 2021 Archon Yearbook to provide you shipping address for where you'll be in the fall of 2021.