Cholmondeley's Coffee House (Chum's)

Door into Chum's

Cholmondeley's (Chum's) is Brandeis' iconic student run coffee house, tucked away in the historic Usen Castle, named for a Black and Tan Coonhound belonging to the campus photographer Ralph Norman. Throughout its history, Cholmondeley's has played host to, among others, Tracy Chapman, the J. Geils Band, Joan Baez, and the first American performance of Genesis.

Brandeis community members are welcome to come to Cholmondeley's to enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack, spend time with friends, hold study groups, or attend small university events. Cholmondeley's is a unique and intimate venue where Brandeis organizations host coffeehouse events, like poetry readings, theater and dance performances, stand-up comedy, a cappella, open-mic nights, and small concerts.