Cholmondeley's Coffee House (Chum's)

Door into Chum's

Cholmondeley's (Chum's) is Brandeis' iconic student run coffee house, tucked away in the historic Usen Castle, named for a Black and Tan Coonhound belonging to the campus photographer Ralph Norman. Throughout its history, Cholmondeley's has played host to, among others, Tracy Chapman, the J. Geils Band, Joan Baez, and the first American performance of Genesis.

Brandeis community members are welcome to come to Cholmondeley's to enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack, spend time with friends, hold study groups, or attend small university events. Cholmondeley's is a unique and intimate venue where Brandeis organizations host coffeehouse events, like poetry readings, theater and dance performances, stand-up comedy, a cappella, open-mic nights, and small concerts.

Renting Cholmondeley's

Undergraduate Student Union recognized student clubs, Graduate Student Association (GSA) and International Business School clubs, and  Brandeis University departments and programs may reserve Cholmondeley's for small-scaled events (up to 50 guests) by submitting a Cholmondeley's Space Request Form at least three week's in advance. Cholmondeley's is not available for personal use or outside events. 

Cholmondeley's charges a rental fee for each event. The fees are for services and equipment provided by Chum's, including set-up, basic audio-visual equipment operation, event monitoring, and clean-up. Student clubs and organizations must to pay the rental fee in advance. Cholmondeley's will email an invoice to clubs and Student Union Treasury. Graduate student clubs and university departments should arrange payment by emailing Leigh Hilderbrandt. Payment is due one week prior to the event.

All organizers from undergraduate student clubs who are planning to bring outside talent to perform at Cholmondeley's must attend an Event Support Meeting (ESM) prior to submitting a space request from. Organizers also must have a staff approved contract one week prior to the event when the rental payment is due. Failure to attend an ESM, have a signed contract, and submit payment by the due date will result in the cancellation of the event reservation.

Undergraduate student clubs who need technical support beyond microphones and basic auxiliary input of audio (AUX) should contact Student Production Services (SPS) to request their services at least three weeks in advance of the event. Graduate student clubs and university departments should contact Conference and Events Services for additional technical support.

Event organizers may not charge admission for events; however, donations may be collected.

All Events Are Canceled for the Remainder of Spring 2020

In response to Coronavirus/COVID-19, all events that were scheduled to take place at Cholmondeley's have been canceled for the remainder of spring 2020.