Cholmondeley's (Chumley's/Chum's)

Door into Chum's

chums 2021Cholmondeley's (Chumley's/Chum's) is a unique and intimate space, tucked away in the historic Usen Castle, that Brandeis departments, clubs, and organizations can reserve for meetings and small-scale events. In addition to having cozy seating, a small stage, and a sound system, Chum's has a piano, Giant Jenga, and Giant Scrabble. When weather permits, we also have corn hole and chalk that can be used outside on the pavement.

Who was Cholmondeley/Chumley?
Chumley's Birthday

Cholmondeley's was named after a Black and Tan Coonhound belonging to the campus photographer Ralph Norman. As the story goes, Mr. Norman's assistant, Elliot Ross, bought the puppy as a gift for Mr. Norman but Mrs. Norman wasn't fond of the pup because he was quite rambunctious, so Chumley stayed on campus. Chumley spent his nights in dark room, located in the Usen Castle, and during the day, he freely wandered around the campus grounds, greeting students and visitors. Chumley encountered various visiting luminaries of the 1960s and attended a famous birthday party that ended up in "Look Magazine." 

Meetings and Events @ Chum's

Cholmondeley's is a great place for departments, clubs and organizations to host meetings or small-scale events, like poetry readings, stand-up comedy, improv, a cappella, and open-mic nights. Due to capacity limits and Brandeis-only restrictions, Chum's cannot host dance parties or concerts with outside contractors. All events must end by midnight. 

Please submit your Cholmondeley's Space Request Form at least three weeks in advance. 

Meetings that use the standard room setup and have no technology are free for meetings up to 90-minutes. Longer events and those with a change in the room set-up or technology needs cost $50 for every two-hour block of time. 

Monday - Thursday: 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Friday: 5 p.m. - Midnight
Saturday: 1 p.m. - Midnight
Sunday: 1 p.m. - 7 p.m.

2 hours: $50
2 - 4 hours: $100
4 - 6 hours: $150
6 - 8 hours: $200

*Rental fees are for services and equipment provided by Chum's, including set-up, basic audio-visual equipment operation, event monitoring, and clean-up, from the club's arrival through departure. Renters will be given up to 30-minutes of grace time at the end of the rental period. Extension beyond the grace period will incur a $15 fee per each 30 minutes beyond the reservation's grace period and will only be permitted if staff are available to remain onsite for the duration of time.

Event organizers may not charge admission for events; however, donations may be collected. Cholmondeley's is not available for personal use or outside events.


Clubs can host their event at Cholmondeley's and have Chum's staff operate the Chum's food equipment during the event. There is a $10 fee for the supplies for each of the following machines: cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cone. If requesting to use the snow cone machine, clubs will need to supply the ice. If requesting the coffee urn, hot dog steamer, or nacho cheese/caramel/chocolate warmer, clubs will be responsible for acquiring the beverage and food that corresponds with these items and bringing them to Chum's prior to the event.

If you would like to host an event at Cholmondeley's using any of Chum's food equipment, please complete a Cholmondeley's Space Request Form and note the food equipment request on the form.

  • Cotton Candy Machine - $10
  • Popcorn Machine - $10
  • Snow Cone Machine - $10 (for flavored syrups) - Club supplies the ice
  • Large Hot Beverage Urn (for coffee, hot cider, or hot chocolate) - Club supplies beverage prior to the event
  • Hot Dog Steamer - Club supplies hot dogs prior to the event
  • Nacho Cheese/Caramel/Chocolate Sauce Warmers - Club supplies corresponding food prior to the event

Cholmondeley's Space Request Form


Event Schedule

Check out Cholmondeley's Event Schedule to find out who is hosting an event and when.

Chum's Spotify Playlists

Enjoy the cool sounds of Chum's Spotify playlists! If you have a Spotify playlist that you'd like to share, please email your Spotify link to

The Coffeehouse Playlist: a collaborative playlist of background music of the Cholmondeley's Coffeehouse

Trizzy's Cafe: Tre's playlist featuring lo-fi instrumentals, jazz songs, calm raps, and piano covers

Tre's Beach: A spring break styled music mix (original lyrics)