Cholmondeley's Coffee House (Chum's)

Door into Chum's

Cholmondeley's (Chum's) is Brandeis' iconic student run coffee house, tucked away in the historic Usen Castle, named for a Black and Tan Coonhound belonging to the campus photographer Ralph Norman. Throughout its history, Cholmondeley's has played host to, among others, Tracy Chapman, the J. Geils Band, Joan Baez, and the first American performance of Genesis.

Inside Chum's - Fall 2020

Cholmondeley's is a unique and intimate space where Brandeis community members are welcome to come to study, relax, spend time with friends, and hold study groups, meetings, or small-scaled club events.

Green Campus Passports and masks are required at Chum's. 


Chum's will be hosting special programs and events and offering new menu items, featuring fun foods like cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, and nachos! We now have a piano and Giant Scrabble. We also have Adirondack chairs, corn hole, and chalk for creating chalk art on the pavement.

Special Events @ Chum's

1st & 2nd Year Mixer @ Chum's

September 11, 2021

4 p.m.-7 p.m.

First and second year students are invited come to Chum's, located in the Usen Castle, to mix and mingle! Meet new people, make new friends, and enjoy music, games, and free snacks!
Campus Mixer

September 26, 2021

3 p.m.-5 p.m.

The Chum's team would like to invite all students to join us at Chum's for a fun opportunity to meet new people, listen to music, eat free snacks, and play games.

Hosting Meetings and Events @ Chum's

Clubs and organizations may reserve Chum's for 90-minute Meet & Greets @ Chum's for free throughout September. We are also allowing clubs and organization to rent Chum's to host small-scaled coffeehouse events, like poetry readings, theater and dance performances, stand-up comedy, a cappella, open-mic nights, and small concerts.

Event Schedule

Check out Cholmondeley's Event Schedule to find out who is hosting an event and when.

Chum's Spotify Playlists

Enjoy the cool sounds of Chum's Spotify playlists! If you have a Spotify playlist that you'd like to share, please email your Spotify link to

The Coffeehouse Playlist: a collaborative playlist of background music of the Cholmondeley's Coffeehouse

Trizzy's Cafe: Tre's playlist featuring lo-fi instrumentals, jazz songs, calm raps, and piano covers

Tre's Beach: A spring break styled music mix (original lyrics)