Funding Decisions

A-Board can choose to make the following decisions on funding:

Approve full funding

A-Board can allocate money to each individual item (Requested Allocation Item or RA Item), or allocate as a “lump sum” for an entire event or project (Requested Allocation or RA).

Approve partial funding

A-Board can partially fund items. It can also approve certain items and deny other specific items within a Requested Allocation. A-Board can choose to allocate funds to individual items or to grant a lump sum.

Approve per-person subsidies

A-Board can fund items at a certain percentage or amount for each participant. These subsidies must be strictly followed. A-Board and the Treasury may require clubs to submit proof of attendance.

Deny funding

A-Board reserves the right to deny funding. With all instances of denied funding, including partial denial, A-Board will list a reason for the denial in SUMS and specify details in the “ABoard Comments” section. The five reasons are:

Request Additional Information

In rare cases, A-Board may decide that it does not have enough information to accept a request, and will tell a club to make its request again in Appeals Marathon.

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