The Funding Scope outlines the funding policies of the Allocations Board (A-Board). For a detailed guide to requesting and spending funds please refer to the treasury training presentation.

Allocation Board Agreement

Clubs who request funding through the Allocations Board are subject to all policies and procedures outlined within this document (Funding Scope 2018-2019). Please email with questions.

A-Board Overview

The Brandeis University Student Union Allocations Board (A-Board) is a branch of the Brandeis University Student Union. Along with the Senate, Executive, Judiciary, and Treasury, A-Board is committed to serving the undergraduate student body at Brandeis.

A-Board is comprised of 11 voting members: a chairperson, the Student Union Treasurer, a Senate Representative, two racial minority members, and six other members. It is advised by Student Activities. It holds meetings at least once per week during the semester.

As outlined in Article V of the Student Union Constitution (PDF), A-Board’s role is to establish the budgets from the Student Activities Fund (SAF) for Chartered and Secured Clubs. SAF funding is taken as 1% of the Brandeis University tuition and for the 2018-2019 academic year will exceed $2.1 million.

Only secured and chartered organizations are eligible to request and receive funds from A-Board. The Student Union Senate recognizes and charters all clubs.

A-Board strives to ensure that all funding is distributed equitably and will only fund requests that are relevant to a club's constitution, within the budgetary means of the SAF, and meet the requirements of A-Board policy.

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