Restricted Items

A-Board will not fund the following items:

Exclusionary Events

All events funded by A-Board must follow a policy of non-exclusivity, as guaranteed by the Student Union Bylaws. Any Brandeis undergraduate must be allowed to attend and participate regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, disability status, or class year.

Retroactive Requests

A retroactive request is a request for reimbursement of money spent on an expense by a club before receiving A-Board approval (e.g. a club member spends money over the summer for a club and wants a reimbursement). They are not permitted and reimbursements will not be given.

Personal Property

Personal property is an expense for an item that will not be kept by the club, but rather distributed to individuals. This may include electronics, sports equipment, cooking implements, prizes, and shirts for club members. SAF money belongs to all students and must be available to all students. Clubs must demonstrate how they will ensure that all items remain club property. A-Board retains the discretion to determine what is considered personal property.


A fundraiser is any event that raises money for any cause, be it for a club or for a non-profit organization. A-Board does not provide money to allow for clubs to fundraise.

Ticketed Events

Beginning in Spring 2018, without exception, clubs may not require Brandeis undergraduate students to pay an admission fee for any event funded by A-Board that will be held on Brandeis campus. Clubs may ask for suggested donations, but no undergraduate students may be forced to pay in order to fully partake in the event. This policy must be made clear to students in attendance.

Clubs may charge non-Brandeis undergraduates for events held on campus. Additionally, when holding off campus events which are subsidized by A-Board, clubs may charge undergraduates to fully fund the event. All revenue from the fees will be deposited into a "Performances" or "Events" Fundraising line, not General Fundraising. That money may only be used to augment future events funded by A-Board or that are open to the entire campus (but still within the general expense policies of Brandeis). It cannot be used to purchase personal property or any other prohibited request.

Brandeis Tickets

Clubs that wish to ticket an event will be required to utilize the Brandeis Ticket box office, unless they provide an adequate substitute. Substitutes will be considered if they provide a significant aesthetic or functional value. If a significant value is demonstrated, valid substitutes include www.eventbrite.com, and other online ticketing platforms, as well as physical tickets that are customized for an event.

Political Campaigns

Campaigning for a specific political party or member of a party for any public office is not allowed due to Brandeis University’s non-profit status. Campaigning for a specific law, however, is permitted.

Executive Board-only Events/Items

Events or items that are exclusively for E-Board members are prohibited.

General Meetings

Food for general meetings will not be funded by A-Board, with the exception of clubs that have food as a central part of their club purpose (e.g. Cupcake Obsession).


Clubs will only be allocated funds for Alcohol if it is specifically requested from A-Board and approved by Student Activities. A-Board will only fund alcohol served by Sodexo based on University policy. All alcohol must be served in locations with a Waltham liquor license either permanent or single-day. To have alcohol at an event, the club must meet with Student Activities before the marathon period.


A-Board will not fund the purchase of any tobacco products.

Illegal Drugs

A-Board will not fund the purchase of any illegal drugs.

Sexually Explicit Materials

A-Board will not fund sexually explicit materials that are not connected to club purpose, such as X-rated movies/games, pornography, erotica, etc. Films, productions, or other materials that relate directly to sex or sexual activity may be deemed acceptable at the discretion of A-Board.


The Undergraduate Theater Collective assesses a fee for participating members. A-Board does not fund this fee.

Classroom Materials

The Allocations Board will not fund items that are required for classes such as Professor specified textbooks or materials. Any items allocated must be related to the requesting club’s mission only and not related to a Brandeis class.

Events which occur between semesters

A-Board may fund events which take place over the summer and winter break. However, graduating seniors will not receive funding for international travel outside of their final semester. Any event occurring outside of the semester must have a demonstrated benefit over a similar event which would take place during the semester. For example, an event that specifically occurs during the summer. Moreover, all financials regarding the event must be finalized before the end of the semester.

Prohibitive Costs

Although at times a planned event is legitimate, the costs associated with the event may be unreasonably high. The Allocations Board reserves the right to refuse to fund events that are an irresponsible use of student money.

Special note for inputting BEMCo cost into SUMs during marathon:

When applying for BEMCo cost in SUMs, the CES fee should be in an independent RAId. The independent RAId should be categorized as “Brandeis Conference and Event Services Department Charges,” while having the same short description with the other funding requests.

Discretionary Items

The Allocations Board considers certain categories of items as secondary expenditures and will fund them per their discretion. These expenses must be necessary for an event or for the functioning of the club. In addition, the Allocations Board must have sufficient reserves of funds in order to allocate.

Coaches and Instructors

These should be requested during Full Semester Marathon. Coaches and instructors must be competitively priced and must also cater to enough of the student body to allow for such an expense. All costs must be described to A-Board prior to the lessons, and should be listed in a per lesson basis. A-Board calculates the total semester cost for lessons by multiplying the cost per lesson by the number of lessons to be funded. In all cases, A-Board may require clubs to bring quotes from multiple coaches, instructors, or companies.

Office supplies

The Allocations Board strongly recommends that all clubs take advantage of the resources available in the Romper Room and Student Union office, both located on the third floor of the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC). A-Board may fund office supplies if they are not available in either of these two locations AND if they are absolutely necessary for a club to fulfill its purpose. For questions about office supplies or the Romper Room, please contact the Student Union Secretary through secretary@brandeis.edu.

Publicity and Advertising

Publicity and advertising will only be funded for those clubs which publicity and advertising are absolutely necessary for their effective functioning. We advise clubs to use the supplies and copy machine in the Romper Room, supplies from other clubs, and their own creativity and create signs and posters to publicize their events.

Publishing/Printing Costs

0.05% of the budget will go towards colored printing for posters and be divided equally amongst clubs. A Board will not fund colored printing in any other circumstance.

Clubs should use the Romper room for black and white printing. This applies to things such as pamphlets, flyers, and posters. Personal printing is not permitted.

Independent Contractors

Contractors must be competitively priced. In all cases, A-Board may require clubs to bring quotes from multiple independent contractors or the club must argue that a certain contractor is the only one available who suits their needs.


In all cases, clubs must research the cheapest cost available and bring proof of research to A-Board. A-Board may research alternative modes of transportation and will allocate according to the most reasonable method of transportation. The following are the common types of transportation requested during Marathons:

All other means of transportation will be funded at a 80% subsidy or at the discretion of A-Board. This includes shared van service, public transportation, buses, and airfare.

International travel will be funded at only a 30% subsidy or at the discretion of A-Board.


A-Board may fund lodging if it is necessary for a club to fulfill its purpose. In all cases, clubs must research the cheapest cost per person (total cost divided by room occupancy) available and bring proof of research to A-Board. Clubs are expected to fill lodging spaces to full capacity. A-Board will double-check a club’s quote for lodging and accordingly determine funding. Overly expensive requests resulting from a lack of research will not be funded. Lodging will be funded at a 65% subsidy or at the discretion of A-Board.


In previous years, A-Board has not allocated funds for clothing, deeming them to be “personal property.” However, A-Board will allow for the use of SAF funds for the creation of clothing for a limited number of events that will be distributed to the general Brandeis population. Staff shirts may also be considered at the discretion of A-Board if it is imperative to the purpose of the club.

Clubs should also note that all club “swag” designs require approval by Student Activities before distribution on campus, regardless of whether the clothing/promotional items are funded with SAF money.

Welcome Nights

The Allocations Board will only fund club welcome nights if they include content that is relevant to the club’s purpose. This policy also applies to beginning of the semester meet and greets.

Study Breaks

Clubs will only be allocated funding for food if the study break has content that is relevant to the club’s purpose. In order to receive funding for food, the food itself cannot be the only content related portion of the study break.

Culture Shows

Funding will only be allocated to food that adds to the cultural value of the event.


A-Board will consider requests of food only when it is:


Sodexo is Brandeis' food services provider. Student organizations who use an outside provider must apply for a waiver and be approved in order to be reimbursed for these expenses. Clubs may not use an external caterer on campus without Sodexo approval. Waivers will only be approved when: Sodexo is unable to provide the food products needed in a cost-effective way, food preparation is integral to the club or event purpose, or with administrative approval. Waiver Forms should be submitted two weeks before the date of the event, meeting, etc.


Tipping costs must be included when the cost of services are requested. A-Board will not fund emergency requests for tips. Tipping costs may not exceed 20% of total cost or $40, whichever is lower.


A maximum of 0.25% of the semester budget will be allowed towards giveaways per semester. A-Board will consider requests on a case by case basis following the guidelines outlined below:

To request funding for a giveaway, clubs must submit a Giveaway Request form. All giveaway designs must be approved by the Department of Student Activities.

Chum’s Fee

A-Board will permit clubs to request funding for the Chums fee. Clubs must convey the importance of using Chum’s over other locations on campus.

Cash donations/revenues

Clubs are required to disclose expected donations and revenue they will receive in cash. If cash is not disclosed or significantly misreported there will be penalties on access to funding and future allocations.

Graduate Students and Non-Brandeis Participants

Brandeis's reputation as an elite university means that our events often draw attention from the greater community. We are incredibly proud of these opportunities and try to support them wholeheartedly. At the same time, we have a limited budget that is paid for by the undergraduate student body. A-Board will consider what is in the best interest of Brandeis’s Undergraduates in its decisions.

Other categories not mentioned

A-Board will allocate at its own discretion for other categories.

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