Best Practices for Requests

In consideration for the time and energy spent by club leaders designing events, A-Board has drafted a set of recommendations that may guide requests for expenditures:

  1. Be specific and detailed about requests. As a general rule, clubs requesting money for events should include at least the following in the long description on SUMS: when the event will happen, where the event will take place, what the purpose of the event is, how many people they expect to be at the event, and the link between the purpose of the event and the purpose of the club.
  2. Justify any specific items in the request. In addition to general information about an event, include details which explain why a specific purchase is necessary.
  3. Bring competitive pricing from at least two vendors.
  4. Avoid requesting common items that are owned by students (e.g. tights, bobby pins).
  5. Keep food costs reasonable and clearly itemized. This includes the custodial fees that are associated with venues supervised by Conference and Events Services (CES). A general rule of thumb is $4-5 per person for snacks and $8-10 per person for meals.
  6. A-Board considers the per person costs of events to ensure an efficient and effective use of funds. Be prepared to justify events with high costs and low attendance.
  7. If multiple clubs are co-sponsoring an event, only one club should request funding for it. List the co-sponsoring clubs when describing the event, but keep all finances in one place. This allows for better oversight of expenditures for both clubs and the Treasury.
  8. For off-campus events with an admissions fee (e.g. King Richard’s Faire, Aquarium), A-Board favors subsidizing the cost as opposed to 100% allocation. This allows more students to attend than could have otherwise.

Requirements for Requests

For events with a large audience, off-campus visitors, or equipment rented from CES:

  1. Clubs need to have a conversation with the Director of Public Safety, Ed Callahan, if they plan on hosting an event with security costs. The request must reflect the pricing in their SUMS account that is decided upon.
  2. Clubs need to email Club Finance or hand in a cost estimate signed, and dated, by Conference and Events Services Events Manager, Autumn Sendzik, if they plan on hosting an event with any university costs (e.g. custodians, public safety, Sodexo food, etc.).

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