Secured Clubs and Misconduct

Secured Clubs

Beginning in the Fall of 2017, all clubs secured by the Student Union will be responsible to complete semesterly spending reports. Each club will be assigned A-Board liaisons who will meet with their club regularly and assist in preparing the reports. A completed draft will be due by the PRF form deadline which will be will reviewed by A-Board and sent back with corrections. The final version must be submitted one week after finals end at the latest and will be published online.

Financial Misconduct

Misusing money allocated by A-Board is defined as using SAF money for any expenditure not approved by A-Board. This includes buying supplies that were not specified at Marathon, buying items that were denied, or overspending. Example: money allocated for books may not be spent on a stereo. All changes in allocations must be communicated to A-Board and receive re-approval.

In the event of noncompliance with the rules and regulations of A-Board and Treasury, A-Board and Treasury will withhold all reimbursements and future funding until an agreement can be made with the Treasurer, A-Board, and the violating parties. These sanctions will continue until the situation is financially rectified and trust is restored.

In the most serious cases, A-Board will direct violations to the Student Union Judiciary, Brandeis Student Conduct Board, or the local authorities.

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