Community Voices

“When I look back at my Brandeis experience, the numerous moments that I had volunteering will be among the richest and most impactful memories that I had here. I am certain that these experiences have helped tremendously to make me the person I am today, and they have contributed greatly to my future plans and life ambitions.” ~Benji Bernstein '15

“Even in Honduras, I had never felt more Brandeisian.  I spent each day with a clear goal to relay justice while expecting nothing in return.  Paying forward the fortune of healthcare access and education ascertained to me that I don’t believe in charity—rather that I stand with Brandeis to create justice.” ~Lauren Phillips '15

“For many, when they hear the words community service, it is met with groans and complaints. To them, community service is a mandated activity, rarely enjoyable because it is forced. At Brandeis University, though, community service is not met with groans or sighs nor is it a great inconvenience, for it is a way of life. The students at Brandeis partake in community service as naturally as breathing.” ~Tiffany Cao '15

“Most of the students at Brandeis would not even consider themselves volunteers. It's just in their natural disposition to help out. A deep sense of community service and volunteerism has been instilled in all of us from the continual, constant sense of social justice.” ~Tiffany Cao '15

“Community service has and always will be a part of my life. It is something that has taught me some of the values I hold of utmost importance and has affected me in unimaginable ways. More so, I know that my ‘service’ has affected others, some more, some less, but nonetheless I was able to, in some small simple way, touch people’s lives. It is the relationships, the connections that I have established with those I have worked with that will remind me, every day, how much I value community service and what it has done for me.” ~Svetlana Duvidovich '15

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waltham group coordinators

Meet the Waltham Group Coordinators

Welcome to the Waltham Group Coordinators page. As coordinators, we play an important role in overseeing the 18 different Waltham Group programs. Although we each have our own academic interests and come from different backgrounds, we all came to Brandeis with a strong desire to take an active role in the university's community service club.

After a semester or two as Waltham Group volunteers, we each took the next step and applied to the coordinator position. Unlike other club leaders, a Waltham Group coordinator is a permanent position one holds until graduating. Because the Waltham Group is a student-run organization, coordinators have an important job to ensure that the needs of the community — as well as the needs and interest of all Brandeis students — are being met. If you would like to get involved with any of the Waltham Group programs, please contact us.

Waltham Group Co-Presidents

Marissa Lazaroff

Marissa Lazaroff
Waltham Group Co-President

Marissa Lazaroff is a senior from Columbus, Ohio. She is majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in French and Francophone Studies. Marissa began her Waltham Group career as a participant on the Volunteer Vacation Bear Mountain Trail Relocation trip her freshman year. She then became a founding coordinator of Symbiosis in the fall of her sophomore year. Now she is very excited to take on the role of Waltham Group Co-President. Outside of Waltham Group, Marissa can be found in the library studying, playing the cello in the Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra or teaching religious school at a local synagogue. As co-president, she looks forward to recruiting new volunteers, expanding current programs, and strengthening the bonds between the Brandeis and Waltham communities.

Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson
Waltham Group Co-President

Lee Wilson is a senior from Northern New Jersey. He is double majoring in Economics and International & Global Studies. Communityservicehas always been such an integral part of his life; he has always tried to do his part to make the world a better place. Since hewas a freshman, Lee was actively involved in Prospect Hill Kids Club. The work that he did and the people that he interacted with are part of the reason he decided to run for Co-President. He is so excited to bring his passion to the position and expand the impact that the Waltham Group has on the Brandeis community and the Greater Waltham community. When Lee is not living half of his life in the Waltham Group Office, he is enjoying time with his friends, giving tours with Admissions, putting together the monthly International Justice in the News newsletter, or actually doing work for a change. Lee is excited to see what his last year at Brandeis has to offer before trying to make it in the real world and is so thankful that Waltham Group gets to be at the center of it!

Co-Treasurers: Sarah Ernst & Julia Wolinsky

Waltham Group Office Phone Number: (781) 736-3235

Waltham Group Program Coordinators

Afternoon Enrichment:
Julia Wolinsky
Dariana Resendez
Steven Chen

Big Siblings:
Lauren Cohen
Lucy Miller-Suchet

Blood Drive:
Khushee Nanavati
Krithika Chagari
Brandon Stanaway
Sumana Shashidhar
Sravya Shankara

Brandeis Buddies:
Malika Briggs
Sophie Gordon
Grace Barredo
Kirsten Frauens
Theresa Weis

Community Connections:
Ceara Genovesi
Sarah Ernst
Yini Liang

Companions to Elders:
Abigail Gardener
Hannah Malin
Yujie (Lydia) He

General Tutoring:
Sooyoung Jeong
Felicia Lee
Rachel Stutman
Talia Loeb
Aninditaa Agarwal
Lauren Chin

Habitat for Humanity:
Jacqueline Smith
Lily Wageman
Devon Crittenden

Hunger and Homelessness:
Lily Elderkin
Mira McMahon
Joshua Lepson
Laura Garcia
Tamar Lieberman

Junior Brandeis Achievers:
Emily Glovin
Audrey Grotheer
Sarah McDonald

Kids Connection:
Emilie Kahn-Boesel
Michaela Gawley
Abby Bergman
Julia Brown

Language and Cultural Enrichment (LaCE):
Noa Cardin
Luis Zuniga
Danny Karp
Edwin Morales

Language Empowering Action Project (LEAP):
Camila Lopez
Joana Jankulla

Prospect Hill Kids' Club:
Lee Wilson
Alek Kopulsky
Lily Eligator
Maya London
Rachel Slayton

Service Without Borders:
Zoila Coc-Chang
Nathan A. Schneider

Madie Lefkowitz
Nina Rosenblatt
Danielle Bertaux
Zoe Scheier

Allan Christian Zelaya Mata
Marissa Lazaroff

Teaching Assistants in Public Schools (T.A.P.S):
Herlyne Das
Emily Kessler
Vennesa Duodu
Matthew Nadler