Projects and Community Partners

All proposed R/C CLIF projects must be within a 30 mile radius of Waltham, with priority given to projects in Waltham.  It is our expectation that all projects are mutually beneficial to our community partners and community members as well as the Brandeis R/C fellows. We anticipate the majority of funded projects will result from students currently being engaged in our community, but we are also actively seeking suggestions for semester long projects that can be shared with applicants who meet with us to explore and discuss current unmet community needs.  We appreciate our community partners and are pleased to be able to offer this new resources to support the mission and goals of your organizations. Please note that we only recruit for this program during the fall semester and all projects will be implemented in each spring semester.  Be sure to read the project requirements here

Rich/Collins Fellows in their T-Shirts


If you have an idea for a project please complete this Google form (or fill out below), and we’ll share your ideas as we meet with students.  Please note, unfortunately we cannot commit to guarantee any funding for proposed projects.