Grades, Course Levels, Enrollment Status, and Transferring Courses

To view your grades online, log into SAGE, then select "Academics" (the blue hyperlink on the left).  On the next screen, select "Grades" from the column on the right. Hard copies of grade reports are no longer mailed to students.  While some grading activity may take place in LATTE, your official final course grade will be online in SAGE. 

The Brandeis Grading System

For Undergraduates

The following grades will be used with plus or minus, where appropriate:


 High distinction






 Passing but unsatisfactory 



For Graduates

The established grades are A, B, C, D, and E. Grades of A, B, or Credit indicate that the course was passed with distinction. Only courses passed with distinction may be counted toward a high degree. Nothing below a B- is accepted for graduate credit.

With the consent of the director of the Summer School, a student may receive an authorized incomplete. A student receiving a grade of Incomplete will be granted a specific extension of time, in no case later than September TBA. Instructors are required to submit letter grades to replace Incompletes no later than September TBA to avoid conversion to a failing grade of E by the Committee on Academic Standing.

Credit/No Credit Grading

Certain courses do not utilize letter grades.  For pedagogical reasons, the grades assigned in these courses are either Credit ("CR") or No Credit ("NC"), accompanied by written evaluations that are not included in the student's transcript. These grades are the equivalent of "pass" and "fail" for purposes of computing grade point averages.

A student may take an unlimited number of semester courses graded CR/NC. However, a course utilizing this grading pattern may not be undertaken in a semester in which the student has fewer than two courses (eight credits) enrolled on a regular letter-graded basis. A course with Credit (“CR”) or No Credit (“NC”) will carry a specific notation within its course description.

Course Levels

Courses listed with numbers below 100 are primarily for undergraduate credit. These courses may be counted by a Brandeis degree candidate toward the bachelor's degree but not toward a graduate degree. Graduate students may elect to take these courses but only with the realization that no graduate credit is involved.

Courses listed with numbers 100 or above might carry both graduate and undergraduate credit. Graduate credit may be available to eligible students in specific courses numbered over 100. Each 100+ course description will designate whether it can or cannot be taken for graduate-level credit. Only instructors who have gone through the approval process, including identification of additional readings and assignments which candidates must satisfactorily complete in order to qualify for graduate-level credit, are permitted to offer graduate credit for their courses.

Brandeis graduate students must obtain advance approval in writing from the graduate program head in their department to receive credit toward the graduate degree for appropriately approved summer graduate-level courses and will be expected to pay all tuition and fees applicable in the Summer School. All other graduate students should check with their home institutions in advance should they wish to receive graduate-level credit for courses designated as bearing graduate credit in the Brandeis Summer School. Graduate students enrolled in such a course are required to complete all additional graduate assignments.

Enrollment Status

The Brandeis University Summer School presents courses for college credit. Auditing is not available for summer classes.

Transferring Course Credit

If you would like a transcript sent to a college or university, login to SAGE and select "Academics" (the blue hyperlink on the left.  On the next screen, on the right select “Request Official Transcript.” Provide the information on where you would like your transcript sent. Please do not request a transcript until your final course grade appears in SAGE – otherwise a blank transcript might be sent.

Should your log-ins to SAGE be lost, you may fill out a paper transcript request form and submit it to the Brandeis Registrar's Office.

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Summer 2020 was online

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