Objectives for Workday@Brandeis

  1. Simplify and standardize administrative practices — Workday enables users to have a streamlined experience by combining Finance and Human Resources operations into one system.
  2. Improve our carbon footprint as a university — By eliminating paper timesheets, we will save approximately 160,000 sheets of paper per year. Combined with the paper savings from our new RICOH printer system, that's estimated to be an acre of forest saved per year or the equivalent of 2,200 miles driven in a vehicle annually.
  3. Secure University data and personal information — Workday is a cloud-based service with strict security control. It adds an extra layer of protection through two-factor authentication. For more information, you can read about Workday's security protocols (pdf).
  4. Ease of use — Workday has a more modern, flexible, and user-friendly design. Users will also be able to access Workday from their mobile devices with the Workday app.
  5. Automatic upgrades — Workday offers upgrades to their latest software twice a year without any interruption to University business. With upgrades taking place every six months, Workday@Brandeis will always have the most current and up-to-date and secure version of Workday.
  6. Lower operating costs and increase effectiveness — Workday will help to eliminate our reliance on paper and multiple systems.