Get Ready

As the university transitions from Sage to Workday Student, please refer to the following schedule of activities for key upcoming tasks. This schedule applies to undergraduate and graduate students (new or continuining). GPS students should refer to the GPS schedule of activities.

Please note that all activities related to the Summer 2021 semester including viewing final grades, requesting official transcripts, and any other academic activities will remain in Sage.

Schedule of Activities

The schedule of activities is continually being updated to reflect the most up-to-date information of when access to certain functions or activities will be available in Workday.

Date Impacted Group Activity
Tuesday, April 20 Faculty, Students, and Staff
  • Access to Workday Student available.
Tuesday, April 20 Students (continuing)
  • Begin using Workday to review and update personal information such as address, pronouns, emergency contact, addresses, phone numbers, crisis contact information.
Tuesday, April 20 Students (new)
  • Begin using Workday to complete onboarding tasks to verify personal information, emergency contacts, and more.
Monday, June 7 Students (continuing, new)
  • Begin using Workday to access the new Nelnet Student Account Portal to set up student profile and add Authorized Parties (e.g., parents, sponsors, etc.) in advance of the e-bill release in mid-July.
Thursday, June 17 Students (continuing)
  • Review academic record in Workday including Spring 2021 grades and degree audit.
Thursday, June 17 Students (continuing)
  • Advisor assignment information available in Workday.
Thursday, June 17 Faculty, Staff
  • Begin using Workday to complete key academic-related tasks such as change of status, program changes, overrides, substitutions, waivers.
  • Begin using Workday to view student personal information and student academic informaton (e.g., degree audit, academic plan).
Week of June 21
  • Fall 2021 course schedule available for viewing in Workday.
Tuesday, June 29 - Friday, July 2 Students (continuing)
  • Fall 2021 course registration open for continuing students only.
Monday, July 12 - Friday, July 16 Students (new undergraduate)
  • Fall 2021 course registration open for new undergraduate students only.
Monday, July 12 Students, Staff
  • Fall 2021 student financial information and financial aid available in Workday.
  • Ability to pay the bill (e.g., payment plans, one-time payments, etc.) available in Nelnet Student Account Portal.
Monday, July 19 - Monday, September 13 Students
  • Fall 2021 course registration open for all students.
September Students, Faculty, Staff
  • Workday becomes student information system for all academic-related activities (beginning with Fall 2021).