Fall 2022 Openings (2)

"On Equal Terms / Power Lines" SSP Research Assistant with WSRC Scholar Susan Eisenberg

Workday ID: R0006979

Project Description

The On Equal Terms Project is a Research and Art Initiative of the WSRC that analyzes, and addresses — using creative formats — inclusion issues facing women in historically male occupations, with a special focus on women in the construction and utility industries. This longterm project is based in a grassroots movement and directly engages with gatekeepers at the national level. Main projects this year include: a) preparing and adding content to four rooms of an interactive online exhibition; b) hosting, logging, analyzing oral history interviews with women who do high voltage linework for a nonfiction book project, "Power Lines,"and also group interviews for "RearView," an article with possible video component based on historic reflections of veteran tradeswomen; c) research related to "Power Lines" book; d) organizing historic artifacts from the tradeswomen’s movement for archiving.

Student Responsibilities

There is lots to be done, and exact responsibilities will depend on particular skills of student partner. Some include:

  • Digital installation: Organize, evaluate and prepare content for material to be added to existing rooms of online exhibition. These include audio, video, and print materials. Give input into material to be added. Help to develop an index/guide for the website.

  • "Power Lines: book project: Host virtual interviews conducted by Eisenberg with women high voltage lineworkers. Log, analyze, transcribe interviews. Take on particular research as outlined.

  • "Rear View" article: Set up and host zoom calls for "Rear View." Log topics in the interviews. Discuss highlights that might make a book chapter, articl or short video. This book has a complex structure. The SSP will be a sounding board for how three separate threads will interweave as the book proposal is developed.

  • Archiving: Assist with categorization and organization of women and gender history artifacts and documents.

  • As stated previously, there will be some variation depending on SSP’s skills — those with strong digital media skills, those with strong research/oral history skills, or all.


  • Related coursework: Project might be of particular interest to students in Women’s and Gender Studies, or students in graphic arts or media studies with an interest in social justice.

    • Course work in digital media or arts very helpful.

    • Familiarity with oral histories and transcription an asset.

    • Student should have awareness about systemic discrimination and exclusion either from coursework or personal experience.

  • Technical skills: Comfort with the internet and using the media lab. Let me know what you’re able to do:

    • Update website, audio editing, video editing, scanning and uploading documents for professional presentatio.

    • Run tech for Zoom interviews. Any experience with logging or transcription of interviews.

    • On Equal Terms online exhibit is a secure website with a professional technical director. Depending on skill level, student can work on material to be added or actually work with the website.

    • Similar for research skills, particularly regarding workforce or energy.

  • Past experience: Student should have awareness about systemic discrimination and exclusion either from coursework or personal experience. The project investigates how systems work to encourage complicity with injustice. The ability to reflect on these issues is an asset. Experience doing the potential tasks involved, such as interview transcription, would be valuable.

  • Other: Mainly I’m looking for someone who is reliable, detail-oriented and flexible, who has interest in the project. Applicants should be aware that while some of the material is celebratory and joyful, some is quite difficult and includes situations of sexual assault, physical violence, suicide and murder. This is a great experience for someone interested in/familiar with activism using social media; alternative strategies for addressing issues of equity. I am used to tailoring the exact SSP tasks to the skills brought.

"Taking Initiative: College Women Leaders Voice their Concerns" SSP Research Assistant with WSRC Scholar Phoebe Schnitzer

Workday ID: R0006980

Project Description

Taking initiative, a central component of leadership skills, is one that may present particular challenges for young women. Extensive interviewing with college women who served as leaders of Brandeis student organizations has now allowed us to explore in detail the varied, difficult situations often faced, and the steps taken in response. With this rich information, our project aims to broaden understanding of the challenges that young women have experienced, and build on their recommendations by designing interventions to strengthen initiative, this crucial contributor to their leadership capacity.

Student Responsibilities

As has been true since the project’s inception, the Student Partner will be considered an important collaborator with the Scholar. During the fall semester, Student and Scholar  will work together to develop and apply a coding system for the interview material. Specifically, the Student Partner will read through a subset of the interviews, and then work with the Scholar to identify and systematize salient themes to be applied to — scored for — in the material.

During the spring semester, with the benefit of the interviewees’ recommendations, the SS partnership will develop and offer appropriate individual and group interventions to address the challenges experienced. Further, if our proposal for a 2023 spring lecture is accepted, the Student Partner will be invited to share the podium, if she wishes, as previous student partners have done.


  • Related coursework: Some background in psychology and/or sociology; gender studies.

  • Technical skills: No specific tech skills are needed.  

  • Past experience: Not required, but relevant: interest in and comfort in working with narrative material; empathic connection to peer leaders.

  • Other: Most importantly, enthusiasm for the subject matter and reliability of work habits!