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Congratulations to

WSRC Scholar and Board Member Annette Liberman-Miller for her nuanced portrayal of Glady's in Shakespeare & Company's production of "The Waverly Gallery"!

WSRC Scholar Susan Eisenberg for her award at the AFL-CIO closing event of the On Equal Terms exhibition in Washington DC.

Professor Anita Hill, WSRC Affiliated Faculty, on the PEN America Courage Award 2019!

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The Justice: Sociologist discusses appeal of Tea Party, Donald Trump

The Hoot: Author discusses the red state paradox, research in Louisiana

About Brandeis WSRC

Brandeis WSRC operates on principles of interdisciplinary exchange and discovery through three core programs: The Scholars Program, The Student Scholar Partnership Program and the Arts Program.

Be sure to check out our Affiliated Programs such as C-Change, a program that engages medical schools and academic health centers in action research promoting culture change, and On Equal Terms, a site-specific, mixed-media installation that brings viewers into the experiences of women who work in construction and skilled trades.

Coming Up in the Kniznick Gallery: Root Shock | Exhibition will be on Display July 15 - October 10, 2019

The Kniznick Gallery presents a WSRC / Cascading exhibition: Root Shock | Hannah Chalew, Daniela Rivera, and Corinne Spencer. The exhibition is in dialogue with research taking place at the Women’s Studies Research Center examining the concept of Cascading, or a downward spiral in women’s lives caused by the convergence of economic, environmental, and political forces. Through drawing, video, and installation, Root Shock examines three women’s responses to intersecting global challenges. Material and location become synonymous as the artists explore the literal and emotional elements that surround them.

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Welcome to Brandeis Women's Studies Research Center!

Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC) is an innovative, interdisciplinary research center of scholars, artists, students, and faculty who study gender issues and women’s lives. Advancing the social justice mission of Brandeis University, the WSRC contributes intellectually to the university as well as to national and international communities. (WSRC Board Members Rosalie Ripaldi Shane and Cynthia Berenson, with Anita Hill, WSRC Affiliated Faculty; Karen V. Hansen, WSRC Director and Lisa Lynch, Brandeis University Provost. Photograph by Susan Wilson, WSRC Scholar)

"The Waverly Gallery" by Kenneth Lonergan | a Shakespeare & Company Production 2019

Annette Liberman Miller on stage with two fellow actors taking a bow

A once-in-a-lifetime performance by WSRC Scholar and Board member Annette Liberman-Miller in the role of Gladys in the Kenneth Lonergan play and Shakespear & Company production "The Waverly Gallery" is a powerful look into a descent into dementia. Image: Elizabeth Aspenlieder, WSRC Scholar and Board Member Annette Liberman-Miller (middle) and David Gow in the Shakespeare & Company production of “The Waverly Gallery.” Photo Credit: Daniel Rader.

On Equal Terms | Tradeswomen: Forward Into Our Fifth Decade

Setting up the On Equal Terms AFL-CIO Exhibition

IBEW Director of Civic and Community Engagement Tarn Goelling, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler, and WSRC Scholar Susan Eisenberg at the opening of Eisenberg's installation, "On Equal Terms: Tradeswomen: Forward into Our Fifth Decade"  in the lobby gallery of the AFL-CIO in Washington D.C. The On Equal Terms Project draws on research, art, and personal testimony to analyze, convey, and address equity issues for women in historically-male occupations. The exhibition closing event took place end of June 2019. 


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