The Basic Coursework

The prerequisite courses for medical and health professions programs can be found here. However, there are many different ways to go about taking the pre-health course work - don't be afraid to consult with an advisor!

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Academic Preparation

Strong academic preparation is critical prior to entering health professions schools.  Explore the links at left to review some important topics to consider as you decide what courses to take and when, and what to do if you run into difficulty.

The path to medical or health professions schools can be long and varied. It is important to do well academically. It may be in your best interest to spread out your science coursework over your four years rather than to attempt to take on too much early in your college career. The basic science courses at Brandeis now allow students to determine which field is right for them to begin with. You might start with General Chemistry with lab or Biology. Some students will elect to take both General Chemistry and Biology in their first year. Remember to allow yourself to enjoy your collegiate experience, both academically and socially.